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FROM BILLBOARD MAGAZINE: Startup digital music company BurnLounge wants to democratize the music retail business.

The Web-based service provides the music library, e-commerce tools and business management software for virtually anyone to own and operate their own digital download store. The company's founders hope to recruit everyday music fans, allowing each to decide which acts they want to feature and promote, as a sort of digital guerrilla marketing

"It's the reincarnation of the corner record store," BurnLounge president/COO and co-founder Ryan Dadd says. "This whole concept is about the next generation of retail. It's about marketing to affinity groups, to people with shared interests."

BurnLounge is essentially a digital store franchise. Regardless of operator, each store has the same look and feel, and all carry the BurnLounge brand. All also have access to the same music library, pricing and transaction system, powered by partner Loudeye.

What sets each BurnLounge store apart is the programming that the individual operator chooses. The service lets users decide which bands or songs to feature on the home page and each genre page, as well as create and promote customized playlists.

It also provides a host of digital marketing tools. These include an instant messaging application that supports all popular IM communities (such as AOL, MSN Messenger and Yahoo; chat rooms; and message boards), DVD presentations, posters, letterheads, gift cards and a quarterly promotional magazine.

"In the music business, we've always known that personal referrals and relationships lead to sales," says Stephen Murray, BurnLounge president of entertainment and co-founder. "The problem is there's been no way to quantifiably track that transaction."

That, he promises, is possible with BurnLounge. The company hopes to capitalize on this by marketing the service to artists and their managers, fan clubs, street-team marketing groups, labels, music retailers and others with a large audience of music fans. Radio personality Rick Dees is one, and he is an investor in the company.

BurnLounge offers these companies its top-level Music Mogul service, which allows them to set up their own digital music service as well as operate an online chain of stores. Music Mogul operators invite others to open franchises under their oversight via the Affiliate level of the service. These affiliate members then invite individuals to open their own personalized stores...


To learn more check out BurnLounge.com's beta site and this promotional video

What remains to be clarified is whether or not independent artists outside the five major label system will be sold on BurnLounge sites. If so, then this could go a long way to replacing major label distribution channels as the downloadable single continues to increase in popularity. And why would I, the consumer, want to buy music from a BurnLounge site and not from iTunes? Will I have to find a BurnLounge affiliated site that sells the songs I'm looking for? If so, why not shop at iTunes where almost every major label song I want is all in one place? What are your thoughts? Great way to make some money and purchase music OR redundant and more complicated version of iTunes?


Blogger Fruitcake said...

I'm totally confused about what they're trying to do, so I'm just gonna stick with iTunes anyway.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it wont be long and paul mccartney will be on the board at apple and itunes will be kind of a record label in itself. i bet they sign their first artist in about 3 years. i am kind of ready for an online record label.

-third son of adam

Blogger Dave Haupert said...

I see the benefit of this- for genre fan sites to catalog music and generate sales and income to run their sites, etc. Sounds a bit like a MLM to me with the Mogul level, which might put a negative spin on it before it even launches. I think most people, myself included, gernally assume something is untouchable if it smells like an MLM group.

But they will face an uphill battle, and people will likely take the song recommendation and buy it through iTunes, so it's all in one place.

Blogger Jason...aka Farky said...

Since I am one who does have an mp3 player that is not an iPod, I say anything that is an alternative to iTunes is a good thing. iTunes is a damnable application.

Blogger Amy said...

since i don't have an iPod either...sometimes alternative ways of downloading are nice...though I think eventually I will have to break down and buy an iPod...

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

The iPod angle is a good one to examine. At the moment Steve Jobs is in battles with the major labels over this issue: Apple limiting usability of iTunes purchased music to the Apple platform, to varying degrees depending upon one's hacking skills. The majors also want to raise the price of new song downloads at iTunes while keeping back catalog (old music) at $.99. The labels have contracts with Apple expiring this time next year (2006) and are threatening not to renew if Jobs doesn't budge on these points. The majors could see a service like BurnLounge as a viable, though more complicated, alternative.

Blogger Matthew Smith said...

Burnlounge doesn't seem to work on a Mac... no thanks.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Really??? No deal then.

Anonymous Randy Webb said...

Redundant and more complicated version of iTunes.. upon initial reaction personally.. but I would check it out and get a feel before I made a solid decision.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI, you can have and IPOD and still use burnlounge. You just need to download it to your computer first, play it, then it will allow you to download it to your IPOD. I am an IPOD owner and I am a burnlounge retailer just starting out, but I promise this is the wave of the future. Check out my site and give it a try! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your blog... and I had never heard your music before tonight after finding your website through your blog's links. Good sound and lyrics. I was "googling" for info on Burn Lounge and discovered you tonight...so in a very real sense BURN LOUNGE led me to your music, without you being in it. I hope you will seriously consider setting your music up on Burn Lounge so we can all buy it there!

When I first heard of BL, I was most excited about the opportunity it will afford many of my muscian friends, and specifically our worship team leader Andy H. in getting his music out to the world for a hearing. From what I've heard...it is a struggle setting up recording contracts without "selling your soul" to some record label. I've contacted a lot of other musicians...and the response has been a bit guarded optimism...reasonably so...you don't know me from Adam, or many of the people behind the company. (I'm becoming more impressed with them all the time...Carson Daly, Rick Dees, Ryan Dadd, etc.) But we've had 4 Music business oriented people join us...Singer/Songwriter, Manager, Producer, etc. And I haven't been in BL for a month yet.

Anyway I wanted to try answering 2 of your questions:

Q: And why would I, the consumer, want to buy music from a BurnLounge site and not from iTunes?
A: It's all about relationships...If my friend Andy told me his worship music was on his own Burn Lounge Website I would be all over it! Gazillionaire Steve Jobs doesn't need my $1. And since BL is selling tracs for the exact same price point as iTunes, $0.99 per trac, why would I buy from Mr. Jobs...he's not going to help my friend...or (should I decide to become a retailer with BL, Steve jobs is not going to
pay me a dime to refer people to iTunes or even to use his site over and over.) Why pay a rich man more money...when there is an alternative that can help my friend? Stop Pirating and Start Profitting!

Q:Will I have to find a BurnLounge affiliated site that sells the songs I'm looking for?
A: NO. Every BurnLounge affiliate Retail Store has the entire Music Libray on it. Each retailer can tailor make his own store to his own liking. (I prefer the inspirational genre...and my site reflects my taste.)
You can still search all 21 genres and also by your favorite artist to find your favorite tracs on ANY BL store. The BL business model and long term goal is to build the largest Digital Content Library on the Net; i.e., Ring Tones, DVD's , e-Books, movies, computer games, etc.
All that content will be on my store to sell, and I don't have to purchase any inventory to be able to share in this concentric retailing model. (Referral Word of Mouth)

Shaun, again it all comes down to relationships..."Why Can't We Be Friends"... ;-) Check out my site:
>>> www.burnlounge.com/sonic <<< (I've already featured Mercy Me, Third Day, Caedman's Call, Hillsong, and David Crowder on my site right now. I hope to feature your music on my site someday!)

Feel free to email me at rel@kc.rr.com so I can send you some info on how you can get your music listed with our Entertainment A&R Dept. and VP of Entertainment Steve Murray.

God's thoughts towards us are as numerous as the grains of sand on the seashore...
and this is what God promises his thoughts are Jeremiah 29.11-13
Randall Lange

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burn Lounge is propriatary (Sp?) to ONLY WMA/Mp3 formatt. Will not work on iPod. Also IS a MLM program. On top of that you need to be an American citizen whereas Burnlounge can not be sold globally. USA only. Don't see the value in that for indy artists

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burn lounge is AMWAY for tunage. Look into it if you do not believe me. To recoup your original investment you have to get more people to sign up and open their own stores before yours is even activated....silly. You could also go to allofmp3.com and pay royalties in Russia, at least until the U.S. finds a way to make that illegal (coming in the next two years).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an independant retailer with burnlounge and i think it funny that people would have anything negative to say about it. We are in out beta stage which means we haven't gone global or even began advertising in the US yet. I suggest that people get informed before they post comments about something they have no clue about. I know for a fact that burnLounge is gonna change the future of the music industry in a positive way and also allow the fans to be able to make money in the process. I'm so excited and can't wait to see what people have to say about burnLounge after the first of the year! :)

Blogger www.BurnBat.com said...

I'm also an independent retailer with BurnLounge and have been involved over the past year. I think it's great that there is this buzz about BurnLounge. Whether you like it or not, you're reading about BurnLounge right now. The fact that we have people talking is a good thing. Overall I love the concept, and enjoy what we are doing. We are providing an alternative to what's out there. An alternative for the new and existing artists to get their music to the masses. BurnLounge provides an alternative for the consumer as well.

Competition is what will bring value to the marketplace. Sure, we can't please all the people all of the time, but being the new kid on the block, we will strive to deliver an amazing experience and value to the end consumer. It's YOU who will ultimately decide whether we as a company survive and prosper.

Consider the marketplace and ask yourself these questions. Do you like music? Do you know people who like music? If so, do you feel you can customize a music store to appeal to the hard-core music fans like yourself? Well, that’s what BurnLounge allows you to do. Have fun with your passion. Create play lists you know people will love. Feature your favorite artists and change those as you wish to suit your mood. With BurnLounge, you’re in control. You’re the boss. As you customize your BurnLounge store, you enhance the buyer experience for all who visit your site.

Music is a personal experience. A song has the power to transport you to another time and place. BurnLounge will strive to be the ultimate digital entertainment company in the market, but it’s the independent retailers who will give BurnLounge that personal touch that our customers will experience and enjoy. Take a look around. If you have a problem with the industry and feel you can do better, then get involved and create the coolest retailer site on the net. Get In and change the world… one song at a time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

BurnLounge is Awesome! It's the Digital Revolution.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burnlounge combined (3) powerful industries:
1) The music & entertainment industry (Sony/BMG, Universal, Warner Bros, EMI) the companies that are considered the "majors" in music and entertainment.

2) The affiliate marketing industry (Ebay, Yahoo, Amazon, etc...) where people of common interests buy, sell and refer goods.

3) The network marketing industry (MLM, Direct sales, Amway, etc...) where history has PROVEN that a monetized free enterprise system creates wealth with various products.

What I want to discuss is how and why Burnlounge implemented parts of each.

1) Music and entertainment are universal products that reach everyone.
2) Affiliate marketing is a powerful means to distribute products. For example, on Ebay, my wife buys/sells high end children's clothes and shoes online with other women of similar interests throughout the world. Relationships and common interests are powerful.
3) Network marketing and business relationship models work! There is not a faster way to grow a distribution channel than through the power of relationships. What is more powerful? iTunes paying $35 million in print ads and TV commercials or Burnlounge paying $35 million to thousands of LIVE voices who have personal influence and relationships!

Here is the Ultimate Goal of Burnlounge: They want to become largest, most powerful, digital content distribution channel in the world. To do that, they have partnered with the entertainment majors, implemented an affiliate marketing model and compensated US to build that distribution channel. So here is where many of you have gotten confused. Yes, we are currently compensated from Burnlounge to sell products i.e. music, and yes we will be compensated to sell a variety of products in the coming years such as ring tones, movies, TV shows, logo wear, MP3 devices, etc... BUT, we are also paid to create the distribution channel. Why? Because it will have tremendous value and command significant leverage in the music & entertainment industry in the coming years. Remember, MySpace just sold to Fox for $700 million and their only source of revenue was advertising. They didn't even sell a product. So why $700 million? It was a massive distribution channel with millions of people. So essentially, we are helping Burnlounge create that distribution network through our friends, co-workers, etc... and get compensated. The reason it is unique, is because we are first. We also sell a product that never goes away and always changes. Think about it--we get paid upfront to build the network, and during that process and after that process, we get compensated on product sales. Keep in mind--one of the products you sell is the $29.95 website software that creates the storefront--and you earn a percent of that sale.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out www.burnlounge.com/GetMedia to discover how you can make
money in the music business.

Go to www.burnlounge.com/GetMedia and scroll to the bottom of the page
and click "watch the commercial" to find out how you can make money in
the music business.

You can also legally download music, mp3s from the comfort of your

The BurnLounge™ Affiliate Program allows Fans to actually make money
from their sales. In addition, Affiliates can sign up other music fans
to become In dependent Retailers and receive a portion of the revenue
generated by anyone they directly sign up as an Independent Retailer.
For those who desire to turn their BurnLounge™ Independent Retailer
Site into a serious business, there is the BurnLounge™ Music Mogul
Program. Music Moguls will not only have the ability to sell music to
customers, but through our proprietary Shared Compensation software
they can build their own team of Independent Affiliate Retailers. Once
a team is established, Moguls will have the ability to receive
compensation from all of the sales generated by their team. Moguls will
also receive training on how to maximize their income potential by
building a highly motivated and active retail team.

To learn more visit www.burnlounge.com/GetMedia and start making money
in the music business while having fun browsing and downloading mp3s,
legal music and digital media.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting idea. It seems like Mac always has a monopoly on things (i.e. Itunes) at first and then it spreads to other tech companies. I would imagine we will soon see other fantastic non-Mac products to compete with Ipod, maybe a second generation of sorts. Especially if Jobs is not yielding to record labels....Anyway the thought of independent, local artists bypassing major record labels would be great. Just think of all the local college bands - it is worth a shot.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"GET IN" Be a part of the digital music revolution!
Go to: www.burnlounge.com/kjcheryls_music
watch the commercial , become a Music Mogul!
This could be the best year of your life!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have read most of the comments on this page, and i realize that most are postive. I am a Retailer in Columbia SC perhapos the area in which the largest growth of burnlounge retailers is going on. We are seeing amazing growth and intrest in the area, and we are spreading very fast. Although burnlounge is not compatible with Ipod's, the people at burnlounge, know this, and realize that it can hurt there companies growth. But if you look at the trend in sales for Apple over the past few decades, every product released, is a great hit, and withing a year or 2, or 3, the popularity of their product spirals downward. I belive that this is becasue of their poor service, and because of a lack of long-term quality that their product offers. I owned an Ipod, and it started to run slowly, and freeze up continually after 6 months, as i called and worked with apple, they told me to go to an Apple Retailer, and see them. Which is not feasbale for me, in COlumbia Sc,(we have no retailer), except for bestbuy, and other stores like that, not an actual IPOD store. but anyways, i soon found out that after 1 year of owning an ipod, it cost money to talk to someone from the service center. At Dell, i had a Dell Pocket DJ for 2 and 1/2 years, and i called their service center, and they sent me a brand new DJ in 2 days!!!!! Just somethign to remeber when priasing the Ipod revolution.

any comments or questions, or debates or whatever, email me at sam44s39@hotail.com

my burnlunge site is

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sister in law is a burnlounge retailer, so I can promise you I don't wish it any ill will. But I just paid a dollar to download a song off it and it won't copy to my IPOD. Considering what I spent on the IPOD, I won't be downloading any more music from a site that won't let me listen to it on anything but Windows Media Player.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is a Mac user and he cannot download to his ipod from Burnlounge. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how? I know you can download from a windows-based pc off of burnlounge to an ipod via media player or other ways but I have not heard if you can even use burnlounge in a mac environment at all. Any ideas would really help. Thanks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burnlounge is doomed. Why are you fools paying for music? And don't tell me it is because of the legal issues. Everyone of you break laws by doing things like speeding, EVERYDAY. I don't download music, but you can find all of the music you can get off of burnlounge at other places on the web for free. Musicians should offer the music for free and make money by playing live shows. This is not anything new. In the 80's I would record songs off of the radio then pass "mix tapes" to friends. Same

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, you can play Burnlounge songs on an iPod. It's not a problem at all. But Burnlounge will also soon have their own players too.

Burnlounge is not doomed. I just attended their LA event this weekend and am 10X more excited than I was. People are already making amazing money with it and its growing so fast every day, plus they're adding everything digital, not just music. Videos, software, games, ring tones, and more. Plus, Burnlounge will succeed if for no other reason than they are getting all the little unknown bands online where they can sell their music worldwide. Yep, we'll be worldwide this year and we'll have a larger library than itunes. I talked with tons of people that are making huge money already. I've made some, but I haven't yet spent any time on it, but now I'm going to make the time, because this thing is going to make me more money than my other business I've owned for almost 22 years.

Get in, you won't be sorry.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

BurnLounge is an Independent Online Music Retailer that was created by musicians to set things right within the music industry.
BurnLounge is the first, next-generation, community-powered digital music service enabling music fans to discover and enjoy music,
as well as operate their own digital music stores and evangelize the music they love. Through this innovative model, BurnLounge
provides record labels and artists with a new fan-driven promotional channel.

WEBSITE: www.BurnLounge.FM

BurnLounge was created in response to the following:

- Too many great bands are not getting noticed due to the fact that they are unsigned.

- Some great bands that do get signed in turn must alter their unique and original sound.

- Some record labels truly rape the artist of most profits made.

- The amount received by bands from ITunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Etc. ends up being around
10-20% due to the record companies sharing of the profits.

Here's the way BurnLounge responded to the above problems:

- You do not have to be signed in order to sell music on BurnLounge. All smaller independent labels are also welcome.
All that is required is that you have a professional recording that is marketable. This is not the case with any other
Online Music Retailer, such as Itunes whom requires you to be on an existing label. Now bands no longer need a
label nor do they have to worry about altering their music in order to be successful.

- All copyrights still belong to the bands.

- BurnLounge rewards 50% of each song sold to the artist. We are one of the only Online Music Retailer who adequately
recognizes the performer with appropriate financial compensation. Without the artists there would be no art and we
understand this.

Here are some extra perks:

- FANS get reward points for purchasing music which can then be redeemed for free music. We are the only
Online Music Retailer who does so. As musicians we too understand that without the support of others we too
could not exist.

- RETAILERS can build teams that build teams. This creates an online franchise so whenever any product is
purchased from a team members store, you too get a percentage of the profits. As musicians we also know
that without the help of retailers and promoters, we can only go so far.

I hope that BurnLounge excites you the way it did me upon first hearing it. Where so many things tend to be about
avarice these days, we strive to make steps in a direction where everybody is helping everybody else; a true idealistic
community that WORKS...

For more information on becoming a part of BurnLounge, whether it be Band, Fan, or Retailer, please feel free to contact
me here via e-mail at: Rd80@Triad.rr.com
Thank you for taking the time to look us over.
Feel free to go to www.BurnLounge.FM and watch the commercial for more information on how it works.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just got off the phone with another ra-ra cheerleader telling me how BurnLounge was gonna change the world. I told her the same thing I tell all my Amway MLM friends. Call me back in one year, if you are still excited I will gladly sign-up and be a part of your downline. I never hear back from these friends because sometime they figure out that no matter how hard they work, the only ones getting rich in MLM are the 12 guys at the top of the pyramid. The rest of the down-line lemmings are just flushing money down the toilet every month. A good general rule, if it costs money to participate - stay away. I guess the good thing is with this you don't end up with a garage full of vitamins or worthless inventory, just a website that nobody visits. Who wants to save the record labels and the entertainment industry anyway? A corrupt and twisted industry of spoiled billionaires. Power to the people baby.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO YOU CAN'T PUT BURNLOUNGE FILES ON IPOD! What planet are you from? You download WMA files from burnlounge. The ipod only supports mp3s and ACC files. Yes you can burn the WMAs to a disc then load them into itunes as an mp3, but what is the point. People use ipod/itunes because of the ease of use and compatibility. If all of a sudden I made some type of gas that was the same price as the gas you can get at the gas station but first you had to run it though a blender then put it in your car, would you use it? You guys are just not too bright. Apple just sold 14 million ipods in the last 3 months! What makes you idiots think that burnlounge is going to make some kind of media player that is going to compete with that? This whole thing is stupid. It is just a way to rip your friends off.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wish my friends would offer not rip off to me a piece back in the 80's when a guy named Bill Gates needed people for his beta version

Just a thought.........

Blogger dbsteens said...

This is good that everyone is talking about their thoughts on burnlounge! It's not for everyone, but I will tell you that those who are in it and work faithfully and consistently will be saying (even if its only silently) "I told you so!"
The big picture is that Burnlounge is leading the future of music and marketing instead of following the future lead of it.

Check out my store at https://www.burnlounge.com/allaboutburnin
"Redeeming the time, for the days are evil." The Bible

D. Smith

Blogger kjcheryl said...

Burnlounge is the most exciting new business....right time...right place. GET IN!!
Check out my website, view the commercial, Become a Music Mogul!
This might be the best thing you do for yourself this year!
Join as a retailer...I'd be more than happy to help you build your business.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The music industry is embracing this. It brings a new model to a suffering industry. At the very least it makes people think. Yes you make money the higher up you are….but that is how every company is structured. Do not be naive…if you have a sphere of influence…this model can work for you….regardless if you are a band, record exec, business man, or dentist. It all depends on you sphere of influence. That is how the myspace model is based. People who want to share and communicate regarding their likes and dislikes. Oh and now you can make money doing it.

Who was making the money before? Money flows uphill in any business. Now bands and fans and ordinary people can get into a passionate business at any level….or just buy music…no one said you have to sign up…just buy music and enjoy.

Why would you want to point to someone elses store? If you already have internet traffic to you band web site, your custom harley shop, your myspace account…point them to you digital music store and share the wealth.

The music industry is already moving forward with this model. Why wouldn’t you want to make your clients 5% more money on everything they sell…even if it isn’t their music….a duh? any manager would fight tooth and nail for 5% doint be naive…distributors make millions on pennies - don’t give yours away. www.got2burn.com

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone... anyone who is making money off of burnloung please tell us how much you're making from people buying music vs. other people buying in?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I asked a friend of mine who bought in to BurnLounge this very question. He went to an LA meeting and the money so far is all from sign-ups of friends, not from sales of music. It doesn't take a genius to know that would be the case though.

Anonymous BurnFly.com said...

That "pyramid" crap is balogna. The main point of BL is to be your own boss (record store owner). In the long run, that's eventually where you'll make your real money. The so-called pyramid part is just a small facet of what this entire thing is about. I have an iPod and I use iTunes too. That doesn't mean I am foolish enough to believe that they are the end-all and will be the only player in town.


Here's a message I got in regards to the inevitable iPod implosion that some of you talked about above:

Apple will not license their FairPlay DRM technology... and Microsoft does. Which is why ultimately, Apple always ends up with (only) about 5 percent market share. They are an expensive, closed boutique style of company, and even when they dominate a market with their innovations, they inevitably lose that share to the demand for more choices and lower prices.

For example:
* Apple II - the first home computer. (went from about 65 percent to 5 percent in three years),
* Newton - the first PDA (100 percent to 0 percent)
* iMac - the first sexy computer (went up to 25 percent then back down to 5 percent)
* And the iPod? We'll see.

The music from BurnLounge can be purchased and downloaded without having to install any programs on your computer (iPod users must install the program iTunes to install music). The music from BurnLounge can be played on a variety of portable audio devices from all the major manufacturers. An iPod user who buys music online from iTunes, can only play this music on an iPod and has no other options when it comes to other devices.

Please visit www.playsforsure.com to learn about all of the different devices capable of playing music from BurnLounge.


* myspace.com/burnfly (More Info)
* www.BurnFly.com (Main Store)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

burnfly - it IS a pyramid...with a clever twist. You are making money by convincing others to pay $430 to become a Mogul like you. You aren't going to make much from the 5% commissions you get on song sales. You would need to sell 8,600 songs from your site just to make back the $430 initial investment - not to mention the $35 monthly maintenance ($14.95 fee + $20 monthly song quota).

Bottom line...if you can't get two people to sign up as moguls below you, you will lose a good chuck of money in Burnlounge. THAT by definition makes it a pyramid.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

In PYRAMIDS, the guy on TOP makes all the money. If you joined BurnLounge 3 months from now, YOU can still make more money then the guy who's been in it for 3 months. It all depends on how hard you want to work!! Like they have said....BurnLounge may not be for all of you. Everyone has their OWN opinion about EVERYTHING!! There's people who had and still have issues with Apple and IPOD's. Us Americans are NEVER satisfied with anything. BUT, what IF BurnLounge works?? It won't hurt. IF it doesn't, you lose $445. BIG DEAL?? Would you rather spend thousands even millions of dollars on a company and find out 1 year down the road it FLOPS???? Would you be upset??? Yes you will. I'm a BurnLounge retailer, and I already got back what I put in. I broke even!! It can be done!! If you're business minded and you're looking for a company, it's all about TIMING!!!! You want to get in FIRST!!! What's the population of the U.S?? Well, there's about 9-10,000 retailers in BL. You do the math. Think about all the people who were in Microsoft first and even AMWAY???? They're financially free!!! And that's where I want to be. Question, for those of you bashin' BL, how many of you are millionaires??? If you have a JOB, you're, Just Over Broke. Wealthy people don't just have one source of income. They have multiple streams of income. The RICH people are on TOP because they have VISION!! If you don't have VISION, then find another company to BASH!!

One last thing....For the ones that said, we're only in the U.S. We're only 13 weeks old, BUT we already have Japan, China, Philippines, Latin America, and soon Canada sending their CONTENT to BurnLounge!!!! Yes, my music store will have music of all languages. MUSIC IS UNIVERSAL!!!!!!!

visit my site...www.californiaburn.com or email me at burnlounge06@sbcglobal.net

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burnlounge is an MLM. MLM's do work. The ones who make the most are the ones who get in early. It's early. If you've ever considered a MLM, please look at Burnlounge and do it quickly. The concentric retail plan is the most amazing program I've seen yet. I've done a few other MLM's and have never been as excited as I am about burnlounge. For one, it's early so it's the right time to get in. The other thing is the concentric retail commission plan. And it's digital music. Sure, at this point, it's easy to shrug it off and scream ITUNES BABY!! But you guys know how fickle of a society we are. Just look at the buzz that burnlounge is making already and they are still in beta mode. Right now, teams are building and it's time go get in. Please feel free to email any questions or comments to chris@burnbarn.com or visit my site at www.burnbarn.com . Thanks!

Anonymous Wills said...

I agree! I live in Columbia, SC and there are a lot of important and reputable people in this town making a lot of money off of this Marketing Outreach. If you're not familiar with Columbia, SC it is a pretty quaint city and most of the professional people in the town know each other pretty well.

That being said... I work at a law firm and the attorney that I work for got me involved and I am very glad that he did. We are working with a very strong team which helps a lot. When you have a strong team people are willing to help you out and make your experience better because it benefits them.

There are still only 15,000 registered members of BurnLounge and a good portion of them are in Columbia, SC. If you would like to join my team and bring it to another city or region I would be more than happy to show you the ropes of the BurnLounge effort.

Visit me at burnlounge.com/ryandigital

Soon to be burnlounge.com/wills

Anonymous jE said...

OK....not a hard concept people.........listen up

Burnlounge.com is the "neighborhood record store" w/benefits......they have the new music 6 months before iPod and all other music retailer (legit ones anyway)....i would rather my good friend ClaudiaG get rich than Steve Jobs get richER! Its a great concept, there have been alot of positive comments that i am delighted to hear. All the negative comments are based on iPod issues (refer to above comments on proprietaty music Apple desires) and "i cant steal it" comments......if u would not PAY artists then why tha hell PLAY that artist...?

Rebuttal to "I can get it FREE"
No u dont...u either accept malicious software (adware) in getting it, or u have to install THEIR software which is pretty risky being they are already breaking laws to "give" u music.

Rebuttal to "only works on Windows"
I hit this the day after i signed up a Mogul University...i was pissed.....BUTTTTT its the 21st century and there are ways to do whatever. I have an Alpine player in car (mp3) and i had to go thru a few simple steps but it worked. When i pay for music, then work a lil to play music in a few different places...its MINE! i am not going to give it away...OWNERSHIP is KEY!! U own it.....

Rebuttal to rest of comments:
We are in BETA is right...although there are a few issues with some platforms, i can assure u that the Folks in programming will learn of these and have already learned of some that have since been corrected.....so CHILL and gettin before ur profit margin decreases anymore!!!!

most trax are 99 cents (few are cheaper, few are more costly)

99% of albums are 9.99 regardless of trak amount....whereas iPod its per trak but per EVERY trak

All about making urself or someone u kno a lil better off...dont google Burnlounge, find a friend or local retailer. Ur friends will be signing up shortly u can bet that......

6 month pre-release of new music

Once u download, save somewhere FINAL and keep an archive of UR MUSIC......not all ur buddies

These are some of the coolest people i have met! Have mixers and other events almost daily! I am in San Antonio and we are just now emerging as the "next and last big thing" in music...iPod are showing up in RiverWalk bottom (haha..jk but they will be.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure are some rabid fans of this. Reminds me of Quixtar a few years back. You couldn't even turn them down without the people "genuinely" being concerned that you were going to be the last poor person on the planet still working for a company. As a general rule, the harder the sell, the bigger the scam. Another general rule, if your income is primarily from signing other people up, rather than selling the product - that's a pyramid in which the people at the bottom get scammed. You are in essence admitting that you are willing to take money and hope you get in early enough that the suckers below you give you their money and eventually someone below you gets burned.

I am curious, I keep seeing this $445 number, but the site says "What are the total charges to become a Mogul? 29.95 Annual Fee (I.C.E.)&8482; Site, $100 Mogul Toolkit, plus $14.95 monthly charge B.M.S. Platinum

What is the actual cost?

-Tom Steele

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, at 3.8% of the current computer market (Apple), the iPod rules! Just think about the up-coming "BurnPod" at 87% covering the PC market... Hmmm, this may be a no-brainer! And at the same time, Mr. Gates delays the launch of "Vista" and the new Office group as he attempts to buy-into 15% of burnLounge. Yep... I'm not even going to talk about hindsight this time. I'm in... Craig

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok - so I couldn't get through all of these comments...people like to chat alot. I did have a question. I just read a blurb about this company in Fortune magazine (I presume it is the same company) and it said 10,000 people have joined. Does that sound right?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're only getting behind the 8 ball if you wait to get in. The sooner the better. Check out my site and more:


More information:

Voice On Demand - 620-294-1200 ext #1
Rick Dees Validation Call - 877-284-5749

Blogger Eric said...

The WMA files are not as high fidelity as MP3. This has been tested and is a known fact. If you want the best quality in a downloadable manageable format, you want MP3. If BL accepts any type of recording from a budding artist, what is my guarantee as a user of a quality product? If I buy a tune from Itunes (not saying they are the best) at least I know the quality of the recording and the product is as close as I can get to an actual CD. I can also preview the song on Itunes to make sure the version is the one I want. I'm all for paying the artist more money for his work, but where's my guarantee of quality as a consumer?


Anonymous Matt G said...


This is Matt. I brought you to Greensboro to my church last summer (you were awesome by the way). I make my living soley off of the Internet. I have been involved with ecommerce sites since 1994. Burn Lounge is meant to be similar to MySpace in that it is a social network. You basically tell your friends to buy their music from your store for the same price as they would buy from iTunes. No one will get rich, but it could create a nice little extra check each month to take the family out to dinner on. Famous people who have stores are Rick Dees (of course - one of the investors), Carson Daily, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Edwin McCain, Ted Nugent, Ricky Proehl (Carolina Panthers), Kid Rock, etc. In the beginning, people who join have a good chance of getting others to sign up too earning them more money... kind of like being one of the first ones in Amway. They officially launch on June 9th, so now is the most awesome time to get in. You can only sign up through an existing member and I happen to be in Greensboro, NC where Rick Dees is from. If someone wants to join, they can go to http://www.burnloungeinvitation.com and sign up. I will help them get their store earning money.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love all the comments on here from people just regurgitating what they've been fed by the BL people! Freakin hilarious. This is a pyramid scheme, no one other than the founders will get rich, it's not compatible with iPods which has the largest market share and will not lose it anytime soon. Oh, and I will never pay money for a WMA formatted song. Ever.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have a great discussion on Burnlounge at the following page:




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh, I should have made that clickable.

Burnlounge Discussion Forum

Anonymous Tom said...

Is anyone from Charleston, SC that wants to get in early? I can tell you all about BL and would be happy to meet with you and you friends or family to answer your questions! Go to www.burnlounge.com/flyersmusic
watch the commerical at the bottom of the page. You can e-mail me at cahilltom@hotmail.com with your questions

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe BurnLounge is going to open up many doors in technology. Imagine not just downloading songs, but possibly movies, video games, books, comics, almost anything you can think of. We already are living in a digital era and BurnLounge will be the definition of it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If anyone in the TAMPA BAY area or beyond is interested in more info on BurnLounge and/or becoming a retailer, please contact me at...

or visit my myspace profile at...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone in The Buffalo NY area interested in getting in BL early,
contact me at scott.hemperly@us.army.mil
My BL sit is www.burnlounge.com/KMLmusic

Anonymous Anonymous said...

iTunes & iPod users CAN play songs from BurnLounge.

First: download WMA files from BurnLounge straight from the internet...make sure the files go to your "my music" folder, it is the default folder if you don't do anything.

Next: Now you can open iTunes and go to the "File" menu at the top left...then select "Add file to library" or "Add folder to library"... select individual files, or whole folders of music from your "my music" folder, and click the "open" button.

Last: iTunes will then begin to convert each file from WMA to AAC format. It takes a few seconds per track, but it is VERY easy.

I am not a BL user or owner...just thought you guys could use some help.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, good open debate. Glad I'm on the side that has the potential to make money...


Check out my site, and my beliefs. I believe you should learn to buy assets in life. Assets are things that make you money. Allthough I will spend money on all kinds of junk in my lifetime. I have still have some tapes, several cd's, just a few records, my mom still probably has a 8 track, and our household now has 2 different mp3 players. I believe the smartest thing in life is to invest your money wisely into products and ideas that are designed to generate money. I am huge advocate for researching an investment, and like to think I am a hard worker.

This will change the face of music forever. Artist will be able to distribute their music instantly, the community driven sales approach (including the online community via the IM software included), being in the online music industry (you research the estimate growth). And so my answer is this-
If you don't like the idea, that's fine. Many people and groups, do and will. I like music, and want music in my future. I also see business, the internet, friends/family, in my future. My son couldn't believe that I bought a website that he and his friends could download music from. Throw it all together and you get:


Anonymous Leroy said...

iPOD will be e relic of the past! Only three players to choose from and japan and china have there mp3 players built into there phones thats the new digital way! one unit multiple applications! Not to mention we will be selling concert tickets! TV shows and digital downloadable movies! If you work anything hard enough and with enough passion it will work. If it was easy everyone would do it! Wish Me Luck!

Anonymous Nomad Music said...

BurnLounge is the most intuitive on the market for music right now. I guess that is why Metalica went exclusive with BL. Makes you wonder why certain stupid people give BL a bad rating. These are the same people who will do nothing in life but sit on their cans and eat chips and listen to iTunes and let someone else get all of the money. For the first time in history, we, the music buyers and listeners can make money doing what we have been doing for ever now. Hey, its about time someone got a grip and made life good for the common man. I have been playing with BL for about 6 weeks now, and I am just amazed. I make money and I don't even know who is buying the music. I get checks every week and I am not going to complain about that. SO if you are smarter than the average moron, then check out what BL can do for you and others just like you: www.burnnomadmusic.com
Take a look, how sweet it is!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that anything would be better then just iTunes and Apple, there needs to be more options available for downloading music. And, not to mention that there is no other site out there that YOU can get money for other people downloading music off your site. You really can't beat that!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how many people have signed up as of today?
Other than the $430.00 signup and the $15.00/mo fee for the website,what other costs are incorporated into this structure?

Anonymous www.RememberIToldYouSo.com said...

I am a Burnlounge retailer and speaking from a position of strength I can say that this the BEST investment I have ever made. I've turned a $450 investment into $5000 in couple of months and this is only the beginning. I have retailers on my downline who have made more than me ($12,000 in their 1st month). Everyone has an equal opportunity to make more than those who got in first. The compensation plan is amazing, even the monthly fees are commissionable, so it actually pays for itself. I have no overhead, no employees, no rent, no inventory, no shipping costs....I have a self-running business online. I have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

I sat down for dinner at Rick Dees's home alongside the CEO, Alex Arnold and other top retailers in the company. I have never met such quality people in my life. They genuinely have the purest and sincerest intentions with this company. There is something in it for everyone and I am so proud to be apart of it.

Let me break it down for those who don't understand.


Burnlounge is a music & entertainment company that has used the viral growth of direct sales and power of personal relationships to establish distribution and sell digital content. Simply put--Burnlounge is the first company to recognize that a direct sales business model actually makes sense with regards to our product. Why? People naturally refer a good book they've read, a can't miss movie they 've seen, or a favorite song or band that moves them. Think about it--people are naturally passionate about the Burnlounge product--Music & Entertainment. Let's face it, the direct sales model works. Even with less obvious products. Are people really passionate about water filtration systems, telecommunication services, and air purifiers? Well, if the model works with those products, imagine what we can do with Burnlounge. Burnlounge retailers can earn commissions doing something people naturally do--promote the music they love!


NO!!!!! Pyramid schemes are illegal. People love to jump to quick conclusions. It is
easier to have a lowest common denominator, a frame of reference. Bands
fight this same problem. It's the "they sound just like..." syndrome. The
problem is, comparisons often misrepresent the reality. People often assume
that because we are building a team of retailers and sharing in the
compensation they receive, that this is a "pyramid scheme". They couldn't be
more wrong. We have built the BurnLounge model to be unique, legal and fair.
We have combined only the best elements from the home-based, direct-selling
industry and the retail music industry.

We sell a real product that people want. One of the key defining
characteristics of a pyramid scheme is they don't really have a product to
sell. They simply sell an "opportunity". No one can deny that BurnLounge has
a real and credible product that people already consume on a regular basis.
We are not trying to convince people they should buy music. They already do

New retailers never have to buy music before they can sell it. Another
common practice of illegal schemes is called "inventory loading". In other
words, you have to purchase a product before you sell it. At first blush,
this seems like a perfectly legitimate system. What store sells products
without first buying them at wholesale prices? Unfortunately, many
illegitimate schemes took advantage of this by forcing people to buy a
certain amount of inventory every month before they could qualify to receive
any compensation. It didn't matter whether they SOLD the product, simply
whether they ordered it. This led to thousands and thousands of garages
filled with laundry detergent that would never be used. Even other music
services like Passalong.com use this same inventory-loading model. In order
to receive compensation for selling a song (with Passalong) you must first buy
the song. BurnLounge does not work that way. Anyone who wants to become a
BurnLounge retailer has the ability to sell ANYTHING in the BurnLounge
catalog without buying it first.

Retailers do not have to recruit to receive compensation. With BurnLounge,
there are no "qualifications" for receiving compensation on personal sales.
You sell it and you receive compensation... every time. Again, many illegal
schemes not only have "monthly quotas," but they make it impossible to
receive compensation with "recruiting". Again, BurnLounge simply enables you
to sell music. If you want to do that on just one site, you can! But we also
build it so people who want to try and turn this into a larger business have
the ability to do so. However, there are no "requirements" that force you to
build that business through recruiting. The purpose of building a team is to
SELL MORE MUSIC. Another element of illegal schemes is that you receive
compensation for "signing people up" or "selling an opportunity". Once
again, we have built our Shared Compensation model to encourage building a
team as an effort to sell more music.

BurnLounge retailers do not build from the top down. Think of circles
building out from the center. There is not a focus on stacking, rather
expanding outward.


Great question--simple answer. None of that matters. You think it will--but is doesn't. Why? None of them will pay you! None of them provide a platform for the independent artists to sell their music. The list goes on and on. BUT--the best illustration I use as a rebuttal to that question is the stroy of Exxcel Communications. Ever heard of them? Here is the story: Once upon a time, there was AT & T, SPRINT, MCI, Etc... all companies who were much bigger to the telecommunications industry than iTunes, Napster and the free music sites are to the muisc industry today. When de-regulation entered the telecommunication industry, Exxcel used the direct sales business relationship model to sell the very same product. The same product AT & T sold, Sprint sold, etc... Only they provided the opportunity for anyone to earn commissions through the sale of those services. Same product, but a monetized system. What happened? Exxcell became the fastest (B)illion-dollar company on Wallstreet. Why? People are motivated by opportunity. To put this into perspective, think of the Burnlounge software as the vehicle that has de-regulated the music industry and has allowed everyone to cash in. Burnlounge will be massive. Why? It makes sense, it's fun, and it is attracting people who "traditionally" would never even look at a direct sales concept. And why would I, the consumer, want to buy music from a BurnLounge site and not from iTunes?

It's all about relationships...If my friend Mike told me his worship music was on his own BurnLounge website I would be all over it! Gazillionaire Steve Jobs doesn't need my $1. And since BurnLounge is selling tracks for the exact same price point as iTunes, $0.99 per track, why would I buy from Mr. Jobs...he's not going to help my friend...or should I decide to become a retailer with BurnLounge and have my own store,"I" can earn the commisions on the sale of music. BurnLounge will pay ME - iTunes will pay Mr. Jobs. Same product - different compensation structure.


CONTENT SELECTION:The size and diversity of the catalog of music that will be available, including all of the majors (Sony/BMG, Universal, EMI & Warner), International, under-served, Independents, Island Hop, Reggae, etc... BurnLounge is committed to having the largest single library of digital music content in the world. We have access to sell this music without having to pay for it or negotiate the license agreements with the artists or record labels. BurnLounge is, and always will be about music and entertainment--NOT selling a device. Think about it--if we provide a platform for ALL artists, signed and independents, to not only sell their own music, but all music, where do you think they will find a home?

WEBSITE: We can have a professionally designed site in seconds, which we can personalize with the music we love without having to purchase it first! How many teenagers will think that is cool, and quickly jump ship for BurnLounge. They can own and operate their own music store. They will share playlists with friends, research new music, etc... and create their own communities of music lovers within their circles of friends.

MONETARY VALUE: We will get PAID to promote the music we love! Stop the pirating, start the profiting! BurnLounge enables people to monetize these personal referral networks, and profit from the sale of music and other entertainment products through multiple points of distribution. The question remains, how many points of distribution does your team represent? There is no limit to the number of teams or stores you can earn commissions.

BONFIRE IM: Free to anyone--Incorporates other instant messaging services so you can communicate, develop communities and share music the latest, greatest music with others. The teenagers understand this better than we do!

BurnLounge MAGAZINE: Our publication is professionally produced featuring hit bands, cool new products and the latest information in the music industry. It is a great marketing tool which creates culture to help you get more customers. Think about it--what if you were part of "Rolling Stone" or "Spin" magazine when they started? You can order additional BurnLounge magazine copies in your back office in the resource center.

MERCHANDISE: Music is just the beginning. We will offer ring tones, movies, books, posters, logo wear, "BurnLounge Wear", portable music players, video games, concert tickets, etc... to sell from our BurnLounge stores. These items are provided through e-commerce - you will have NO inventory which has to be purchased. So again, the question remains, "How many points of distribution does your team represent?"


Apple DRM, AAC file, one store (iTUNES), three MP3 devices that work with that store and ONLY that store, tremendous market share which has begun to decline and a history of losing market share after refusing to expand past a niche market. (i.e. How many people have MAC computers, and how many people have Windows XP? Apple also had the first desktop computer, the Apple II and at first had large market share--75% year one, but 5% by year three) Apple has a reputation and proven history of focused niche markets.

Microsoft DRM, WMA file, EVERY other music store / service, including Burnlounge where you can get paid, EVERY other MP3 devices, currently 115 devices available that use the WMA digital format, and a digital format that the ENTIRE world uses. The Microsfot WMA format is compliant with the following: Sony, Samsung, Creative, iRiver, etc... For details on these devices that work with Burnlounge and the Microsoft file, visit www.playsforsure.com: or look for the PLAYS FOR SURE logo the next time you visit Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart or Target.

95% of the world currently DOES NOT download digital music, and they DO NOT own an MP3 device. Both products will be available for sale through a Burnlounge Retailers music store, and you can earn the commission. If the entire world is about to start purchasing digital music and digital music devices, wouldn't I want the opportunity to capture some of that market share? Absolutely. With Burnlounge you can. It doesn't matter if you are shopping for cars, music or groceries--people want selection. Burnlounge provides it all--and you can get paid!

If you thoroughly take the time to see the vision of this company, you will understand why the rest of the country is so excited about Burnlounge. It's not a matter of "will it work?", it already is working.

If you want to read more about Burnlounge, go to www.rememberitoldyouso.com
You are welcome to download music and/or become a retailer :-)

Anonymous jE said...

also u skeptics keep investigating instead of accusing.....pyramids eventually end and all u have left is modern civilization i.e. Burnlounge......www.highcyde.com people.....get in!

Anonymous gmellow said...

I don't know why people are so focused on this MLM. If you don't want to do Multi-level Marketing, you can just be an affiliate at $29.95 a year, 6.95 a month. This allows you to have a store front. Hell, if you are a band, musical artist,that's a deal. You don't have to worry about the cost of reproducing CDs, setting up merchant accounts. Just create a link from your myspace.com site or website if you have one and sell your music. If they want to buy someone else's music off your site as well so be it. You get the 50 to 70 cent royalty per song and then you get a sale. No brainer.

Anonymous gmellow said...

One more thing, a friend of mine who is a retailer got her friend who is an indie artist to submit her music to Burnlounge to see if it works. After she signed the non-exclusive contract, it took 2 to 3 weeks for her music to appear in the database.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i own a mac and i am having trouble downloading music can someone help

Blogger outofstep said...

I was in Vegas for the launch of Burnlounge and can't express enough what a great business model they have. Shame on anyone for supporting Ipod or any company that doesn't allow us, the working consumer, the working artist/band to earn a respectful income and be a part of the business model. Who gets rich with Ipod - Steve Jobs!

Feel free to email me and I'll show you how it works and how you can earn money today!


Blogger Icarus said...

Burnlounge is a classic pyramid scam. I've been "in" from the start and now I want OUT.

And the burnlounge fanatics aren't helping their cause cutting and pasting the same brainwashing into every thread.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the "cut and paste" comments that BLers parrot that I find to be particularly amusing is the "make gazillionaire Steve Jobs richer, blah, blah, blah". Well here is my take on that. His annual salary at Apple is $1.00. He makes his compensation from stock and stock options. Thus, his gain is based on performance of the company. I find that admirable. More importantly though, if someone I know opens a BL store, and he gets money from me when I buy a track, then he will spend it on something for himself. If Apple makes money from me, they will spend it supporting the great products they make and developing new great products down the line. Oh yeah, and Apple stock, that I have in my portfolio, goes up. I think I get more out of Apple getting my money than out of someone I know with a BL store getting it. Do the BL Fan-Boys that make these asinine comments actually think about what they are saying? Tools.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, and Steve Jobs pours ALL of his money back into Apple. He doesn't spend any of it on himself... In fact, he lives in a cardboard box on Skid Row.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs' current salary at Apple officially remains $1 per year, although he has traditionally been the recipient of a number of lucrative "executive gifts" from the board, including a $90 million jet in 1999, and just under 30 million shares of restricted stock in 2000-2002. As such, Jobs is well compensated for his efforts at Apple despite the nominal one-dollar salary.

This effectively reduces his tax liability, because under current U.S. tax law, salary income is taxed at a top rate of 35%, whereas capital gains tax, which applies to stock grants, maxes out at 15% for profits derived from long-term capital gains. Obtaining remuneration through stock instead of income is a common tax minimization strategy for many upper-echelon U.S. executives.

Bottom line, it's a way to cut taxes so he can make more money for himself, tool.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Burnlounge retailer and I'm very excited with the way everyone has their own personal site, everyone makes money. Even the 40,000th retailer can make more money than the 1st retailer. I have put my high school daughter on her own burnlounge site. (www.burnlounge.com/ashley4music) Her site only costs $29.95/year and she earns rewards for the music her site sells. This way I'm not paying for her music. She's learning how to run a business on her own. This is the wave of the future. Don't wait and get in now.

As far as the ipod goes, why would anyone want to pay more for a mp3 than they have to ? Creative makes the best mp3 player out there. itunes restrict downloads to ipods. Unless you are always willing to buy the more expensive mp3 player, are willing to support a company that only supports itself, then it's time to dropped them and work for yourself. Join now !!


Watch the commerical

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried to search for a song or artist on BurnLounge? Well you can't.

YOu need to know a retailer store name or a zip code.

Know how many retailer store names I know? Zero. You know how many people in my zip code are carrying music I want? Zero.

I'm objective, but based on the fact I can't even find a song that I want tells me all I need to know.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok guys...here's the deal, the skeptics don't know their facts. The fact is...I just opened my burnlounge store...the guy above me has made $40,000 in the past two months! This guy doesn't even own a computer (he bumbs the internet from friends every couple of days.) If you don't believe the $40k thing...the guy will personally call you and even show you his checks and burnrewards center to prove it. There is no question, BurnLounge is NOT a scam. It's is proven, it works. If you would like to join my store is www.burnlounge.com/burnemfast -- if you have questions or need to proof of burnlounge successfulness, email me at mihigh07@gmail.com

Blogger B said...

For the Skeptic and the Retailer!

After months of reading blogs just like these and listening to a few friends trying to get me to join Burnlounge, I decided to attend an event here in Austin, TX. I believe in researching everything to the fullest before taking any steps forward. It was a decent event, somewhat informative with a lot of hype. Fortunately there at the event were a few key people that could answer a lot of the questions I have seen on so many blogs.

All music on BL currently is in wma format and will not play on Ipod or windows new Zune player unless it is burned on to a disc and reformatted back in. What a pain. Will the end user actually go for this? Obviously not, but there has to be more to the equation or this thing will never work and of course I had to ask. Currently BL is on the current version 1.0 which I must say I had looked over and it at the least has some potential. Answering the question to an earlier post, yes you can search for music and a lot of the same songs are on BL that are on Itunes. Most of the music is licensed from a third party companies such as Loudeye or Muze. Apple and Windows both have technology that limits what you can play on their devices and why would they possibly want to share that with anyone. Their way of sticking to the end user, adding fuel to the fire of Mac vs. PC, when in reality it is us, the end consumer, who ultimately suffer from the corporate giants.

Technology will change though and to see it first hand all you have to do is look overseas to see where things are heading. For all of those that are carrying on about Ipod, Zune or even mp3 players, change is coming in the near future and none of us will be talking about any of these devices. RING-RING!!! It is already in the works and it is not going to matter what the format is. If Itunes sales are so great then why the release of Iphone! They are seeing that the glass is still half empty. No matter whether you use a Mac or PC you still have to look at the big picture, only a small percentage of end users, around 2-5% (numbers are hard to determine based on the illegal downloads still occurring), have used a computer to download digital media. If Burnlounge can capture a little of that $6 billion annually and bring new users to the table then I see them heading in the right direction. Look at Myspace, 140+ million users, sold for $580 million to The News Corporation. What about all the users that made it what it is today, I’m one! What about Utube? Google recently purchased You Tube for $1.65 billion. What is in the works for them? Rumor has it that they are going to be trying something very similar to what BL is already doing.

It is no longer just about music! Burnlounge is going to offer a wide range of digital media, music, movies, ringtones, ebooks, digital subscriptions, cell phone service and so on. Not to mention is has generated some pretty powerful backing with Cadillac, Nokia, Lexar, Logitech and plenty more on the way. Version 2.0 is set to be released around the first of March and they could quite possibly be at the head of the pack. I did get an opportunity to see it first hand and I for one am fairly impressed. I’m sure there will be problems, there always are with new technology and business, but for the ones who are taking a chance, I wish you the best.

After everything I still find myself asking what do these people know or see that I am not. Not the Movie Stars, Musicians or Athletes, which there is a list enrolling, but the people like my friends that are Top Business Execs and even Average Joe’s . Could this be the next Mary Kay, Advocare, Ebay or something even bigger. Time will only tell and I would hate to miss out on that!

I for one am going to have to take that risk. As of Thursday February 1st, I am a Bournlounge Retailer. I basically had to look at the big picture, the risk vs. reward. Risk, bottom line is one year. Annual sign up of $429 ($481with tax), $14.95 monthly and $20 a month in downloads my site must maintain. Between myself, my wife, my daughter (who is already spending that at other sites), our friends and families, it shouldn’t be to hard. Nice thing is I’ll even make some back on the download side of things. Worst case scenario is I’m out $900 for the year. I’ve spent it on worse things. There are also less exspensive packages, but the compensation package has a greater reward for the VIP + Mogul. A choice you ultimately have to make yourself. I can say there are a lot of big things in the works for Burnlounge and I have personally taken the time to find them out. The reward is exactly what you’re willing to put into it!

Easy, of course not. Nothing in business is! Some call this MLM, Direct Sales or Concentric Sales; well if you look at any business infrastructure you will find that all of them are relatively similar. Can anyone succeed at this? Why not, with the proper knowledge and training every one can benefit. The most important thing to remember is to approach this like you would any other business. You have to work hard to succeed!
A great man George Herman "Babe" Ruth once said "Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." I was brought to this opportunity by a team of motivated and influential business leaders dedicated to supporting key team players. Knowledge is the key. If you would like to discuss this opportunity in more detail, and explore why so many of us have decided to take this challenge with myself and members of our team email me at boostmedia@hotmail.com.


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