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I'm home again - 2136 miles later. I only play 6-8 shows each month because I'd like my wife to like me and my kids to remember who I am. This month all of those shows happened to hit all at once - a rare thing. We've been gone for the last several days, our wives doing all the parenting alone. So, give me some time to recoup, hang out with my kids and give my wife a break and I'll be back here to post pictures from our run of shows this week soon.

A teaser: Captain Hook opened for me at Bethel College. Yea, wig, knickers, the whole deal. You betcha I got pictures.



Anonymous mandy (bethel student) said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your time at our school. It seems we're overrun with pirates, both the CD burning kind and the swashbuckling kind.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have fun spending time with your family Shaun. I bet they all tackled you when you walked in the door. haha Take time recouperating.

Your Friend,

Blogger BethelTraumaRN said...

Hey Shuan-

Pleeease take TOO much time recooping! Give your body a break & chill with the family :)

We LOVED having you here, hopefully you'll come back sometime. We'll get you a nice hotel with a mac ;p


Anonymous coach z said...

I'm lovin' da shleeorrrrrg!


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