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Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Tennessee Baptist Children's Home Run4Kids this weekend. It was a record year for the annual event which raises awareness of and funds for the Home providing family to children who would have non otherwise. More runners than ever ran in the 5K and that means more financial support than ever was raised for this vital ministry.

It was a beautiful morning for those running the 5K course winding it's way through the shaded campus of The Tennessee Baptist Children's Home. Here are just a few pics from this years festivities:

Randy Elrod
crosses he finish line and later took home a trophy on behalf of the church with the most registered runners: The People's Church.

Brian Seay crosses the finish line and later takes home only the satisfaction of living through a 5K...and a complimentary water bottle from Chick-fil-A for just showing up and asking, "Hey, can I keep this water bottle from Chick-fil-A?"

I find that running a race, really a race of any kind, while holding a pistol in the air is the best way to say, "Hey, I'm running here. Please move out of my way," when you're too winded to really just say that the usual way, you know, with words and all.

Thanks to the cow (cheater) from Chick-fil-A...

...and WAY-FM in Franklin, TN for sponsoring this year's Run4Kids.


Blogger Kathryn said...

looks like it was a fantastic day for everyone!

Blogger robyn elise said...

wow shaun...your hair is getting quite long. how much hair stuff do you go through in a month?

and congrats to brian for finishing a 5K. that's an awesome accomplishment, especially for such a great ministry.

Blogger Seth Ward said...

Looks like a ton of fun. Shaun Groves with a gun... I never thought I would see the day.

Also, I must say, you are starting to bare a striking resemblence to my Lord and Savior.

Blogger Kat said...

Seth! You crack me up. Frankly, it didn't even occur to me how ironic it is to see a photo of Shaun with a gun...and you're second statement, well, I'd comment, but I'm laughing too hard.

I was going to say something, but I've forgotten what it was now...

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

If you can't live like Him, look like Him.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Any idea how much was raised?


Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

AHHHH IT'S STINKY SHAUN! The most villainous villain in the west err...south west...kind of!!


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