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I hate posts that really serve no purpose but to say "Sorry for not posting. Been busy." But here I am saying basically that: Been too busy to post today. Sorry.

I spent the morning with my friend and manager, Glenda. We spent a couple hours together at Atlanta Bread Company talking about my plans for the future: the web site, on-line sales, touring, booking, personnel, income, lack of income, generating income, book writing, marketing, etc etc. It was good to try communicating everything that's in my head and on my plate for the first time. Taught me what a poor grip I have on my ideas right now. Ever thought you knew what you were talking about until you started talking about it? I was all over the place. I need to work on some details. And she's great at helping me do that.

The big question before us isn't "How do we do the independent musician thing" but rather "What parts of the label machine, things like publicity and magazine/internet ads and radio play, do we try to maintain now and what parts do we just live without?" We started that conversation today.

Then I ran home - drove actually - made some Mac and Cheese for the kids and then took them on a "date" to see Cars. Gabriella put on a dress, wore her "Sunday shoes", brushed her hair and painted her nails. Gresham put on pants. It was a special outing. Just the two oldest and me and enough Coke to wake a dead man. Gresham fell asleep halfway through.

Good flick. Good story. A little slow for a three year old boy. Enough romance to please a five year old girl.

That's pretty much my day. Gotta go play outside now. Maybe tomorrow will be a better blogging day...or maybe we'll go to the zoo and blow off jobs and music and, well, you again.


Anonymous keith said...

Is there a zoo in Nashvegas?

Blogger Amy said...

aw, a date with the kids. that is sweet.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Blow away if it means spending time with your family. Kids grow up so fast!


Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

OHH YEAYYYYY Go to the zoo then come back and tell us all about it on um....Friday!!

Blogger Papa Gerbal said...


I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you. You have put words together to make such amazing music. Keep up the great work and hopefully you will come back to Vegas soon.

Anonymous tunz4jesus said...

i am having trouble viewing your site. just on my Mac, pay pal is in the text. Looked good on pc at work

Blogger Toby said...


I took my 3 daughters (4,6,&8) to see cars while mom was doing class work and work. They haven't stopped talking about it yet. What a good movie. Enjoy the summer with your kids. There's plenty of time for blogging, and if it turns out there's not, better to spend shortened time with the little people than with the iMac.

Blogger marianne said...

I vote for kids over blog any day. Have fun with them while you are still their biggest hero (other than Mom, of course).

Blogger stephen said...

I just wanted to say that I spend copious amounts of time at ABC. For the free wi-fi, and the sweet tea (which is a tough find in central pennsylvania).


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