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The new website (donations still needed to build) will combine the shock of shlog.com with the awe of shaungroves.com to provide visitors with a combined shock and awe cyberspace experience. Ok, so it's just a web site. I'm just trying to get you as excited as I am about the possibilities here.

In essence the new site will combine the business/fan components of shaungroves.com (such as booking and contacts and tour schedule) with the content, connectivity and interaction of shlog.com. We'll fuze the shaungroves.com message board with the comments of SHLOG.COM in a way I've never seen before. Every post on a blog will become a "thread" in the message board. So, you guys can comment on stuff I throw out in blog form but also create topics of your own to discuss.

In addition to all this will be two more blogs on "music" and "writing". In the music blog I'll post from the road, about other artists and songs, journal the making of my own music and anything related to, well, music. In the writing blog I'll be able to post articles I write for various magazines today, parts of books in progress or entire books, write about other authors and their books and articles I found interesting. And of course we'll still have the SHLOG blog, essentially everything else I want to write about.

But wait, there's more. You'll be able to earn money by sending people to my on-line store, subscribe to a newsletter, watch videos, hear music, see moblogs from the road, listen to podcasts, download e-books and free music. And all this in one site.

What else would you like to see on the new site?

Aiming to please,


Blogger Jeffrey J. Stables said...

It would please me for your new site to make me brownies.

Blogger Duda Mano said...

Oh, since you're aiming to please, my wife will arrive late at home tonight... I'd be pleased if your new site cooked my dinner!

Ok,enough with the food jokes, the Hillsong Church (Australia) have an annual "cover contest" for their new album cover... the artist who does the best job gets a free copy of the record.

Well, I guess many of your fans know their way around Photoshop, enough to design a cool album cover... why don't your do that? That would be nice for a few reasons:

1. You may or may not use the winners design, but maybe we could dicover some talented people who could work for other musicians for a reasonable price, instead of the fortune those big designers charge us.

2. We would have lots of fun voting for the best cover.

3. I thnk that, in some way, by doing that we, your fans, would be more involved in your music, since we could be a part of the creative process.

That´s it for now...


Eduardo Mano
Rio de Janeiro | Brazil

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Good cover idea. It would work only if there were a lot of really good designs thrown out to be voted on. If five people enter that would, well, um, kinda suck maybe. This may shock you but I don't have an audience the size of Hillsongs. I know, I know. You wouldn't think it but it's true. But, yea if there were enough entrants we could definitely do that.

And yes the new site WILL make brownies...but in an Easy Bake Oven and I don't know if you've ever eaten brownies cooked by a singular light bulb but "delicious" is not a word that comes to mind. So, we may want to turn that feature off just in the name of public safety and all things holy and kind to children.


Blogger Cristy said...

Would you consider putting some of your artwork on the new site?

Blogger stephen said...

Maybe you could also do a "Music Industry Q&A" where you give us the low-down on how things happen in the music industry. You've touched on a lot of it before, but perhaps aspiring soft-rock musicians have specific industry-related questions. If you become known as the "industry insider," it may raise shlog.com awareness to a new high. And you would probably get some liner note lovin'.

Anonymous bs said...

oooh... i like the shaun art idea.

Anonymous Krisy said...

There's a lot of good writers out there with good things to say, but all too often they aren't given a chance. It would be awesome to run a contest, or maybe even have a section of the site, where people could submit their writings to give another perspective. Maybe even offer ebooks from pretty much unknown and unpublished authors.

Just a thought.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

im not sure i like the idea of changing it up so much. i come for the thoughts not the jazz. i actually come here more than i listen to your music. just some thoughts from the not so typical fan ~ methy413

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Methy, you'll be able to go to a page that works pretty much just like the current SHLOG.COM page. But if you wanted to venture out to new "content" you could do that too. Absolutely don't want to change the experience at all for folks who like SHLOG as it is. Good thoughts. We're keeping yours and all these in mind as we build.

Thanks everybody.

Stephen, what sorts of questions do you have. Might give me ideas of things to blog. I'm running out you know?


Blogger Kat said...

Wow. The new site is going to make brownies.

Good to know...

Blogger The Cachinnator said...

Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about. I cook all my food by singular lighbulb, 100 watts - I'm impatient, and the Mrs. hasn't complained yet. You haven't lived until you've easy-baked a t-bone!

I wouldn't mind seeing some kind of IKON podcast, or downloadable segments or highlights from your gig there.

Blogger Kathryn said...

ahh. . the easy bake oven. . my fave Christmas present in 1968! it was turqouise. . i sat and watched the light bulb 'bake' the cake!! loved the lilliputian cake mix boxes and the teeny 'pans'! for me it was a step up from making 'sand cakes' and placed them to 'cool' on the ledge of my sandbox.

About your cool new blog/website combo -- your enthusiasm for the ite overhaul is contagious! Ideas galore. . you must be having spring blog fever!!!

i'll certain stick around to see the renos. .

keep up the good work!

Blogger Kathryn said...

oh, i'm tired. . i meant to say "site" overhaul not 'ite'!!! and I also meant to say that i would certainly stick around. .
please pardon my gaffes.

Blogger stephen said...

Questions that soft-rock-stars-in-training might have:

1. What's the key to getting your soft-rock music into the ears of the right people (from a label/distro perspective)

2. I want to know how songs get chosen for a record. Do you go with the best 10 songs? Or your favorite 10 songs?

3. What's involved in the recording process itself. How do you find the right studio or engineer? If you're a solo artist, where do you get studio musicians? How long does it take to record an album?

4. Touring. How do you pick a booking agent? How do you choose an opener (is it as simple as choosing someone you like?)? How important to a musician is the rider?

5. Business. How do you choose management? How do you get paid (monthly, quarterly, annually, never)? How do you decide on what kinds of merch to sell? And is selling merch really worth it?

Those are at least some of the things that I've always wondered about. Maybe others have too. Or not.


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