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I just declared e-mail bankruptcy. I had 2618 unread e-mails in my fan mail box. Not because I'm popular, 'cause I'm not, but because I got behind months ago. Once behind, once my screen was filled with unread mail it became too daunting to even try to catch up. I kept telling myself - Next week I'll get to these people. A few months passed and now the pile is too high to tackle.

So I deleted it.

I'm starting over.

So, if you sent me unanswered mail about needing my help to raise money for a child with cancer or you had a pressing question about where I was born or where I buy jeans - you know, important stuff like that - you'll need to resend your message to me. I'll try harder, for as long as I can, to reply to every email.



Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

AHHHHHA! So that's why you never replied to that one email. Well, I can resend it. It's just one of my little update school thingys. Anyway see you on the 18th!!

Blogger Chaotic Hammer said...

Don't feel bad, Shaun.

Even regular folks like me (Aha! Something hip and exclusive that I'm part of and you're not!) can't typically keep up with our e-mail. And we're not even rock stars with fans and stuff.

But I'm not sure I'd have the intestinal fortitude to just up and delete them all. Maybe move them to a "Read These Someday" folder or something. You know, so I could kid myself a little longer about actually reading and replying to them.

And besides, what if you deleted the only existing copy of The Plan for World Peace or something?

Blogger Kat said...

Have you been reading 43folders.com?

I've thought about declaring bankruptcy a couple times, but I've not done it yet.

Anonymous tunz said...


Sounds like a definate case of email paralysis to me.


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