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Here are just some of the searches leading seekers of many things to SHLOG.COM - combined for your pleasure (or just mine) into a new form of "art" (looks like a list to me) I've dubbed "HaiGoo." Enjoy.

chaps spank porn free
kudzu carolina lyric
download music video Weezer free

mormon music blog
surfing magazine relevant
cia war vacation plane

comfort inn cleveland airport
apple ibook logic law
shaun groves tickets

Anyone wanna claim these? That first one in particular?


Blogger Nick said...

haha, ingenious - shaun, i'm a new visitor to your blog as referred from andrew osenga's site. i really enjoy some of the things you have to say about art, music, and it seems we have similar interests in reading too - from what i've read of hauerwas, i've been very impressed.

i was looking at the ministries that you support in the margins of your blog, and i was wondering if you have had any experience with intervarsity christian fellowships USA, a nationwide college ministry - they are really in the midst of figuring out what it looks like to tackle issues that unfortunately much of the church is ignoring (or doesn't want to try to engage), that directly pertain to the Kingdom - racial reconciliation (not token diversity), social justice, decentering of the Christian worldview from America.

i really recommend one particular book as essential reading for anyone who desires to think outside the parameters of the American church subculture: "The Heart of Racial Justice" by McNeil and Richardson. I believe you and your community at IKON would enjoy it immensely.


Blogger Duda Mano said...

Hey Shaun, I'm also a newby over here, and I got to know this blog from Osenga's page.

I'm from Brazil (ever thought this blog would come down here?), and I already linked you at my blog. Sure you won't understand a thing if you go there, since all my writing is in portuguese, but...

Just wanted to say congtas on the blog, it is really, really good, and also on the new CD. Hope you come to Brazil sometime.

Blogger pianoman said...

what a hilarious list! i can't own up to any of those, as i link here by just typing in the address. but looking at some of those words, you just have to wonder... maybe it's a good thing they were directed here instead of their intended destination...

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

okay just to see if it'd work...yes i typed in Shaun Groves Porn. #5 & #6 on the yahoo search page brought me to Shlog. I love it! I think I'm gonna get to Shlog that way every single time my mom an dad are looking over my shoulder. I can see their faces now...what did we do wrong God she's looking at Shaun Groves porn!! Okay sorry that just doesn't fit together....I'm gonna go and...repent.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i DIDN'T get the porno one.

Blogger Paula said...

Hey Amy - I tried "shaun groves porn" also, and he was referenced in the first link - it was a bit torrent rater, and xxx porn and shaun groves were listed next to each other!!

Blogger Drew said...

that is so bizarre!

Anonymous lc said...

its so wrong that were having so much fun out of shauns "porn".


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