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An organization has been founded this week that specializes in finding families in need after Hurricane Katrina and matching them up with churches and other Christian groups for sponsorship. Once a family is sponsored they will have all of their needs met by that group or church for one year: housing, work, psychiatric treatment, child care, food, spiritual counseling and anything else. Sponsor churches and groups will be a family to these families who've lost homes and livelihoods for twelve months, but hopefully will make connections with one another that last a lifetime.

I've signed on as a spokesperson for findshelter.org and receive updates often from the leaders of this group. I am asking questions regularly of their staff and doing my best to make sure this program constantly operates with integrity and effectiveness. Feel free to call or e-mail them with questions of your own and please consider this opportunity to meet every need of a family in crisis through your group or church.

This is the Church taking care of the least. Join us. Check out findshelter.org.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome -- this is the type of thing I've been looking for.

Please, if you get a chance Friday morning -- it'd be cool to talk to you on-air about this. We've got TONS of people down here who want to do this.

Email me if you're up for it -- brant@wayfm.com. Gracias.


Blogger Drew said...

Shaun, does this need to be churches/groups that are in geographically close to the disaster, or is it for anyone? Is there face to face interaction with those we are supporting, or is it more in the style of compassion international? Just curious. Thanks.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

My understanding is that this is as face-to-face as you would like it to be. There are churches ready to buy land and build houses for their sponsored families even. Any church anywhere can do this. There are families who will need little and those who need everything and so those who need everything might be better served being supported by other churches in their area, but, unfortunately, there are very few churches still standing in their area. So help from anywhere is appreciated.


Blogger GrovesFan said...

Apparently my church leadership just talked about this today during staff meeting. I'll keep you posted about what we're doing to help.


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