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I'm in Texas. This won't be the most literate post. We're in a hurry. I'm posting from Jake Smith's laptop in a hotel in Tyler, Texas. We played here last night and were supposed to play tonight in Waco. Waco cancelled.

When we flew into Houston yesterday it took us 7.5 hours to get to Tyler (ususally 3 hours drive). We were stuck in a swarm of loaded down cars evacuating South Texas. With Waco cancelled we're driving instead of flying to Nashville. It's twelve hours with little gas left in Texas. Pray we make it.

Pray also for Jake and his band. They're headed back to Louisiana and then getting out with wives, possessions and what not. Crazy.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. Peace.



Anonymous Donna said...

Praying for all of you, Shaun. God be with you.

Blogger Kathryn said...

be safe. . this is such craziness. .i have a co-worker in Texas vacationing now, not sure where she is - but our whole office is concerned for her and for everyone else there in that region. wow. . this is nuts.

Anonymous kat said...

I was going to go to the concert tonight in Waco. They said it was rescheduled for November. Hope to see you then.

Blogger sngwriter05 said...

I'm praying for you and your crew as you are heading back this way to Nashville. I will be seeing you on Sunday at the Hurricane Benefit concert you're doing at West End Church of Christ...Can't wait! :) Let us know when you make it back safely. :)

Blogger Peanut Lost Souls said...

Whoa...Be safe Shaun... It is surely one crazy season!


Blogger TexanMusician said...

at least we logged some taco cabana time.

...round... ...ground! that's what i'll call it! i wonder if it will be my friend?!?


Blogger thehippo said...

Waco Hippodrome here. We were bummed to have to reschedule but with travel and safety concerns for Shaun and his crew and the fact that all the college students in town were told to evacuate tonight we just thought it best to play it safe. We have rescheduled for November 4th. We can't wait to do this! Be safe, be well, and we're praying for you too. - the hippo


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