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FINDSHELTER.ORG is working to match churches with resources to families affected by the hurricane in need of help. Things were slow going at first since many families believed they would be able to move back to the ravaged areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. But now, according to CNN, 40% of displaced families are planning never to return and are needing help relocating and starting over again. This has increased the interest in FINDSHELTER.ORG and our efforts to meet EVERY need of these families, spiritual and physical, and to do so by working through churches and other Christian groups (eg. Sunday School classes, Fraternities, Bible Study groups etc).

Our work is being highlighted in the media more and more and while FINDSHELTER.ORG is not always mentioned, the motivations and beliefs of those sponsoring families through us are. And that story, the tale of human beings showing mercy to those in need, really is the most important story to tell anyway. Check out this piece by Good Morning America about families FINDSHELTER .ORG helped by pairing them up with First Baptist Church in Leesburg, Florida.


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