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Went to Texas to play two shows (College Station and Beaumont) this weekend. Flew in this afternoon, hung out with my family briefly, and then zipped to a hotel in Nashville to play for a group of retailers in town for a convention. I just got home (10:40PM) and would rather sleep than upload photos and craft a decent post for SHLOG.COM so that'll have to wait. Check back sometime Monday for a story about a promoter crying, a tale about a duet I sang with an Aussie, an update on relief efforts in Texas and find out why one Christian artist I ran into at the airport says he/they/she will be releasing a "worship" record soon. (No names will be used of course.) AND pictures of a grown man diving into a blow-up swimming pool filled with ice cream Sundae.

Yep. That's my weekend. Ya'll come back now. It's worth the wait to read about.



Blogger Duda Mano said...

Hey Shaun!

I know who the chritian artist is, so do┬┤'t you go saying bad things about him/them/her, because I like him/them/her very much... just kidding! :D

I met James, rthe guy who play bass for you here in Brazil with Mr. Smitty. Nice guy, James.

I'll come back later.

In Christ's Eternal Love

Anonymous Anonymous said...

*jaw drops* You so left us hanging!! Shaun W Groves get on here and finish this Shlog!!!

Anonymous Cory said...

I know the artist that you met as well because he/they/she metioned meeting you on his/their/her blog.


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