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Went to Texas to play two shows (College Station and Beaumont) this weekend. Flew in this afternoon, hung out with my family briefly, and then zipped to a hotel in Nashville to play for a group of retailers in town for a convention. I just got home (10:40PM) and would rather sleep than upload photos and craft a decent post for SHLOG.COM so that'll have to wait. Check back sometime Monday for a story about a promoter crying, a tale about a duet I sang with an Aussie, an update on relief efforts in Texas and find out why one Christian artist I ran into at the airport says he/they/she will be releasing a "worship" record soon. (No names will be used of course.) AND pictures of a grown man diving into a blow-up swimming pool filled with ice cream Sundae.

Yep. That's my weekend. Ya'll come back now. It's worth the wait to read about.



Blogger Duda Mano said...

Hey Shaun!

I know who the chritian artist is, so do┬┤'t you go saying bad things about him/them/her, because I like him/them/her very much... just kidding! :D

I met James, rthe guy who play bass for you here in Brazil with Mr. Smitty. Nice guy, James.

I'll come back later.

In Christ's Eternal Love

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

*jaw drops* You so left us hanging!! Shaun W Groves get on here and finish this Shlog!!!

Anonymous Cory said...

I know the artist that you met as well because he/they/she metioned meeting you on his/their/her blog.


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