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My Friends,

As many of you know, Houston has now become home to a large number of the refugee's from the devastated Gulf Coast region. The majority are forced to start over from scratch, enroll the kids in school, and start a new life. Ecclesia will be working towards building bridges to bless, nurture, and encourage our new neighbors. If you would like to partner with us we would be especiallly grateful - the needs are vast and overwhelming for our fledgling community. One of the greatest needs is a displaced Children's Home. We are searching for a place where we can secure multiple homes together for the children and their caregivers and many other families. I am including a music video that we are using in our worship service tommorow, it is very moving. If you would like to partner with us let me know. We will need people as well as financial resources to minister the thousands of families during such a tragic time. Checks can be made to:

Katrina Relief Effort
2115 Taft
Houston, Tx 77006

Thanks to all of you and blessings!

Chris Seay

P.S. This is the link to a music video download (made by Travis Reed) that tells the story of the loss of so many this week.  The song is based on Psalm 137 and is from "The Voice" (a retelling of the scriptures I am working on with World Publishing). The text and song were written by Lori Chaffer (of Waterdeep) and recorded for a unique worship project based on the reteeling of the Psalms - it will release in 2006.



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