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So my schedule was a little more full than I'd remembered this weekend. First I played Columbia, SC (Jammin Java), then Apex, NC (a benefit concert in a field beside a church - I played on a tractor trailer, yee haw), and then Sunday in Clinton, TN at Second Baptist Church (played in two morning services, taught College Sunday School, and then a show that night).

It was a long weekend. Between shows Brian drove well over 1000 miles while listening to the Astros lose two games of the World Series. Those losses, combined with very low attendance at our first two shows, made for two days of low morale. Expectations were set by promoters and by us and when they weren't met, in spite of great people met along the way and beautiful scenery at every mile, we were disappointed. Expectations are dangerous that way.

But on the third day there were no expectations. I'd forgotten all about the Clinton, TN show on Sunday. And what I walked into were two packed, alive, smiling crowds on Sunday morning followed by eager listeners and great conversations in the College class I taught. And Sunday night's show there was jammed to capacity with all ages, tons of college students, and more fun than I remember having making music in a long long time. No expectations made for one of the best days we've had in a while.

Thanks to everyone at Second Baptist in Clinton, TN - especially the leaders and students of Encounter. Your joy is contagious. Thanks for infecting me.


Blogger Drew said...

Shaun, glad to hear your weekend ended with a blessing. Still sad that I couldn't make it to the Apex show (stupid job!). Glad to see you back at the Shlog.

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

YEAYYYY HE'S BACK!!! Shaun...pictures like you promised? *puppy dog eyes*

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Welcome back! I was begining to go through some serious Shlog withdrawl and it's awful! Sorry to hear attendance has been so lousy at your recent shows. Ticket sales are very slow here at the moment but of course there's still a month to go so I'm not worried. Don't forget to pack your mukluks. It will be COLD by then!


Anonymous Ali said...

The show last night was amazing, thank you for making the extra stop here in Clinton. I thoroughly enjoyed the talk you gave in Sunday school. It was much needed. Thank you for putting meat to your teaching as well. You brought my favorite chapter of isaiah to life. Do you have any commentaries or bible studies out that I could purchase. My husband and I are looking hopefully to relocate to the Nashville area soon, we would love to be a part of your bible study. Keep up the amazing work. God Bless!

Anonymous keith said...

Yeah, I was kinda surprised there were not more people at the Apex show, too. I work about 5 miles from the church, however, and the only place I heard about it was on this blog the day before the event. Anyway, thanks for coming. My family (at least the ones with developed long term memories) enjoyed hearing and meeting you and hope to see you again in the area soon.

Anonymous Misty said...

Thanks for coming to Clinton. That was a great show last night. I love the book of Isaiah and you made me look at it from a different angle. That was one of the best (and most hilarious) Bible studies I've been to.

Anonymous debbie barnes said...

Shaun - Thank you for coming to Clinton and for the comments you made. I prayed that we could be an encouragement, etc. to you while you were here. God is great at answering prayers in ways we don't expect - you encouraged me! The class you led Sunday was challenging & needed, as well as fun! Our students are still talking about it! Thank you so much for sharing with us...debbie b.

Blogger The Crowe's said...


Thanks for the stop in Clinton, Danny and I really enjoyed it. It was just what Danny needed after getting back from Iraq. He needed to just relax. God has given you an awesome gift of music and songwriting. I pray that He continues to bless you. I hope you can come back again sometime.



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