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I bow before Brant Hansen after reading this genius post on his blog. Who cares if I or you or anyone else agrees with the point he's making. This is satire and sarcasm at it's finest. After forcing my wife to read it ("Who reads blogs? What IS a blog?") she exclaimed, "This guy works for ---FM? Why?" Interpret as you will. In her own way it was the highest of compliments. Then, "You KNOW him?" It was as if I was bestest friends with a Beatle. I got major cool points (More than I got for moving to Nashville). We made out. Again, thanks Brant.

Read now. Bow later.

[Blackmail photo of Brant in "Creed Position" courtesy of the 1990's when he fronted a band called Farewell To Juliet. A reminder to us all that Google never forgets.]


Blogger Andrew said...

I agree! Great blog Brant! This was a great use of wit and sarcasm with a bit a cynisism thrown in for good measure. I really enjoyed the post.

Thanks Shaun for bringing such a great post to the Shlogers (and also for being so humble in the process). :-)

Keep Shloging!

Blogger GrovesFan said...


Outstanding! Thanks for pointing this out to us. I read the comments there too and it's amazing to me how ridiculously stupid people can be about common sense!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice! Love the Xanga! Gonna have to subscribe to him when I get the chance. Sweeeeet!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is a story about rich mullins and his manager and how they got into an arguement that ended up in shouting. his manager said that she woke up the next morning and she heard a lawn-mower going outside. she looked out her window and there was rich, mowing away.

i realize that this is not that kind of thing but for some reason this post reminded me of that story.



Blogger Kat said...

I read that post a couple days ago and it was definitely a "Honey, I'm sorry to bother you, but you've GOT to read this." quality post.

We didn't make out though. :-(

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has found Brant's article fit to print.


This is turning into a regular "Christmas Shoes" for Brant. First the blog, then the reax, then linking from other blogs, then the newspaper article.

Soon, the touching song based on the blog entry....and the TV movie on Sunday nights on CBS...and the children's book "Cronus is coming to town"

Doug Hannah, FOB
Friend Of Brant

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Here's hoping Rob Lowe is too busy this time around.

Anonymous South Florida - - - FM listener said...

Well done Shaun!! Thanks for sharing Brant's "Gift of Sarcasm" with everyone out in Shlog world. If only everyone had the "Gift of Interpretation".

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm atwitter with a mix of emotions:

1) Honored that you thought this worth pointing out

2) Honored, but a bit queasy, about the make-out thing

3) Very grateful for your gracious attitude, even when when we don't agree on stuff you're wrong about, and

4) Horrified by the historical record of my mullet



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