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A little personal update.

The number of people coming to SHLOG.COM has dramatically dropped off in the last couple weeks due mostly, I'm guessing, to my lack of daily posting. Sorry about that, and thanks to those of you who've hung with me and kept on stopping by in hopes of reading something new. I'll be more consistent and maybe even interesting soon...I think.

We sold our house, as frequent readers know by now, and bought another house, a smaller house in need of love - and a kitchen, floors, wall repair, lighting, air duct cleaning and paint. Apparently it takes a while to do such things. A lot of time. Three weeks so far and lots more to do.

That leaves us somewhat homeless. Over Thanksgiving we lived in a hotel - for about a week I think. Hard to say. I stay in lots of hotels so I was pretty confused as to when I was "home" and when I was "on the road." Then we moved on to Brian and Amy's house (Amy is my wife's sister. Brian is her husband/my friend/business partner/co-pastor.) Brian and Amy have four kids and I have three so things were a bit crowded. Brian and Amy baby sat often while Becky and I demolished, painted, cleaned, picked out flooring and cabinets and met with workers and sometimes said we were doing those things while we went out to eat and saw movies instead. I'm kidding of course - or am I.

Then, with the house beginning to take shape Brian and I left town on this Christmas tour of ours. On top of all this I've been teaching a series at IKON while Brian gets a much deserved speaking break, working on a redesign of the IKON web site, and STILL writing on a book and being a husband and father and part time exotic dancer - OK, not that last one, but I've been very busy and that's my point. Just seeing if you're paying attention. And aren't we all. Busy, that is - not paying attention.

But all the dust is clearing. Tour ends soon (Dec. 9). Brian takes over teaching at IKON for a couple weeks soon. The IKON site is almost ready to go live and looks great. And we'll move out of Brian's house this week as well - without cabinets and appliances of any kind, but we will have a home with floors and fresh paint on the walls and clean air.

And then regular SHLOGGING should commence. Merry Christmas to me and SHLOG readers everywhere...and God bless us everyone.



Anonymous Stephen said...

I'm looking forward to reading more regular updates. :-)

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Anyone who knows you knows you're not a slacker! Sounds like time well spent to me (well, maybe except for the exotic dancing). Glad to know things are falling into place (is that ever really possible with kids?). Remember to take some time for yourself too.


Blogger Rica said...

Nah, you're not slacking. Besides you apologized for it ahead of time (or at least, that's what I remember seeing). So don't worry. ;)

Blogger Steph said...

I don't think the visitors dropped off from your shlog because you weren't posting... so don't worry about that. I think everyone is a little busy this time of year. I know I haven't checked in here for a couple of weeks... and I didn't know you were slacking! :) Keep up the great work Shaun... I'm proud of you guys for buying the smaller house and fixing it up. That's really wonderful-- and when all is said and done... it will be a home with heart!

Anonymous Sonflower said...

Good to see a post.....

Welcome back, you were missed.

Anonymous Jess :) said...

I agree with Steph. This time of year is busy for everyone (despite the fact that it's the 'holiday season'). That's why I haven't visited in a while. Uni holidays mean earning money time and consequently less time on the computer.

Blogger Kathy said...

I always read your blog. I check every other day my friend! I have started one also. i know how hectic life can get and trying to find time to post. Check mine out sometime if you get awy from the chores of your new home! *grin*


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