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It's 1 AM. I'm in a hotel somewhere near Indianapolis ready to go to bed. Brian and I drove from Nashville today to Ft.Wayne, IN, played a show at Seekers Coffee House, then drove almost two hours to the Indianapolis area where we'll play at Crossroads Church in Westfield, IN tomorrow (Sunday). We'll be in the morning services and then play a show at an area high school gym tomorrow evening to benefit a local ministry to students headed up in part by the pastor of Crossroads Church, Eric Lohe. Then it's back home on Monday.

I'll post more after the show.

Thanks to everyone who packed the house out at Seekers tonight...last night now I guess. Good food and music once again at Seekers. See you tomorrow night (tonight?) at Crossroads Church in Westfield. For details go to shaungroves.com.


Blogger Cristy said...

It was great to see you last night Shaun and Brian. We had a great time!! Shaun, thanks for taking a few minutes to talk to my son about playing guitar. He's pumped up for the show tonight at Westfield. He even has his guitar in the trunk. Guess he might want to show it to you. Who knows? My daughter has been listening to White Flag on her walkman...I think she fell asleep to that last night. My husband is looking forward to meeting you tonight. I think he might have talked his uncle into coming, too. We'll see. Thanks for a great show and I'll see you in a few hours!

Blogger Nancy Tyler said...

Have fun everybody! :)


Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

Have fun Cristy!! Post pics on your Xanga!! I wanna see pics soon!!

Shaun wanna see pics from you too!

Blogger Kat Coble said...

Ft. Wayne is my home town. I miss it. I know you didn't see much of it, but still hope you enjoyed your brief stay.


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