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This from an older wiser pastor I don't know but would like to...

"Did you ever notice how people in churches seem to be like eggs in a carton? People come and sit in nice neat rows, not touching each other in the styrofoam environment of Christian individualism and "right to spiritual privacy." The eggs might be Methodist eggs or Presbyterian or Baptist eggs or those generic eggs in the independent, non-denominational churches. It is important to know the label on the carton. No one likes "a bad egg."

And one thing you must do (and I learned this from Julie) when buying eggs in a carton is open it and make sure no egg is broken. If they are all unbroken, carefully put them in the grocery cart and make your way to the cashier. Broken eggs are messy and a chore to clean up. Nice, neat, white shells (Oh, the safety of a shell), unbroken eggs---what a delight and pleasure."

Read the rest here.


Blogger Toby said...

The other half of checking the eggs is if you find a broken one, you get another carton.

Blogger ks said...

In russia you don't use egg cartons. You get your eggs in a bag. And they aren't in dozens, either. not that that has anything to do with the point being made here...

Blogger Kathryn said...

i like my eggs scrambled. they're not useful till they're taken out of the carton and broken.


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