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Nothing but meetings today. But I saw the Kong last night. Thoughts/review coming soon. If I live through the meetings. Oh, how I love meetings.



Blogger Nancy Tyler said...

Waaaaaaaah! Poor rock star.

Trade jobs? You can sit in my gray, basement cubicle and go to meetings all day, every day.

No pity.



Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Hey, people will actually think you're my mom if you're not careful...and then think I have a mean mom...and then realize that's why I wrote such angsty music sometimes...and then feel sorry for me due to my having what must have been a horrible childhood...and then, driven by pity, buy my CDs...

Genius. Yes, mom, I'm a whiner. Don't make me sleep in the closet again.

Not complaining, just sharing a common dread: meetings. I don't like them. But today's weren't so bad. Fast, fun actually, easy. But, no I won't trade my life for a cubicle farm ever again. I left a cubicle farm for the wide open spaces of hotel rooms and tour buses. Wait a minute..

Blogger Nancy Tyler said...

Hey, you called me 'mom' several topics ago so I was just going with it--figuring you'd been reading I Timothy 5:2 that day. LOL I think I'm more suited to the teasing older sister role though. :) Get your pillow out of the closet; you can sleep in the garage tonight.

I've tried escaping this roomful of cubicles an awful lot of times over the years but God's held me here. Even when He sent a large part of my heart to Nashville six years ago, He kept my body here. Every door I pounded trying to get out and get there was intractably bolted against me.

I was telling this to a young work friend as I was driving her to my church's Easter pageant last year--which she wept the entire way through. And her response to my frustrated "why am I still here?" story made ME weep.

"God kept you here for me."

How to humble a knucklehead like me--God did it through her. And through others here whom He's let me see Him change and draw to Himself.

A few minutes ago, a bunch of them came in and gave me a cake they'd made and a card with lots of little messages, celebrating my 15th anniversary here. It's taken all these years and I'm finally content. I am a slow, stubborn learner in some things. But my cup runneth over.

All the glory to a patient Father,


Blogger GrovesFan said...

Today I think I would trade meetings for my work week this week. I work as a Tax Advisor and since very few people are ready to file yet. I'm sitting at my desk doing a whole lot of nothing and drawing a wage against my commission, which stinks!



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