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I'm getting a tremendous number of hits on the Burnlounge piece I posted a while back. In fact it's been co-opted by marketers for the site plastering their sales pitch in the comments section. (My delete button can't keep up.) But their fervent defense of the site has caused me to spend more time there, researching, poking around, pondering and finally concluding: Burnlounge sucks. For now.

There is hope. After all the thing looks great and we all know that shine wins out over substance in the music marketplace more often than not. Even so, if Burnlounge is ever going to dethrone iTunes - as it says it wants to - it needs to increase its catalog. And stop alphabetizing by artist first name...unless that's all the artist has. My suggestion would be that Burnlounge begin by beefing up the "Sh" section and, after re-alphabetizing by last name, continue by filling in the holes in the "Gr" section. Just a suggestion. Don't look surprised when your new company tanks. It's unwise to underestimate the demand for "Sh" and "Gr" artists.


Blogger Kat said...

Very interesting concept. I'd somehow missed the first post. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see you posting again. My finger was getting tired of clicking the refresh button just hoping for a new post.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Amen Kat!


Blogger Rica said...

LOL! I agree Kat!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you ever heard of the word BETA? NetDictionary.com defines the word BETA as: "A version of an application that is made available prior to the official release for the purposes of testing". Therefore you are essintally testing a product before it goes fully functional. Please explain how somthing that is not finished sucks? If you were working to restore a old car and you were not finished with it would it suck too?

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

And burnlounge spammer chimes in...

Have you ever heard of the word "joke" or "sarcasm"? I said it sucked because it didn't carry my music. How serious does that sound really?

Alright, official serious statement about burnlounge. Ready? "Burnlounge is a one of a kind fantastic looking site that seems to have enormous potential to change music distribution for the better."

For now though it does not carry my music, which is understandably less than desirable for me the selfish artist. But the site in fact does not suck, it tests, and there's a big difference...to some people.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shaun, It has been explained to me that independent artist are able to upload their music on burnlounge for people to purchase. Im not sure about the details of how to accomplish but you may look into it.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Shaun's not an indie artist. He's on the Rocketown label.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site was way more fun before you erased all the posts.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shaun, this is a free country and you are able to comment on any thing you deem necessary, However as time goes on, and the more testing and kinks are found , I personally think burnlounge will be a service which helps every artist from the garage band to the majors, cut out piracy and put well deserved income to every artists pocket while giving the obsessed fan an opportunity to be close and help every artist he or she likes. Keep up the pessimism it only makes us better and stronger.....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, only God was allowed to pass judgment. Instead of the disgruntled remarks, a more positive one would have been more favorable. I have never heard of "Shaun Groves" until I typed in burn lounge in Google and saw your "Shlog" indexed. I opened it up, and there you were, ill-willing someone's company just because they didn't have you listed. In order to find out who "Shaun Groves" is, I had to go and conduct a search by typing in your name, and lo and behold, it stated you sing Christian songs. Imagine my surprise, to know a "Christian" would behave in that manner. My question to you is, are you truly a Christian? Michael W. Smith is one of my favorite Christian singers along with Rich Mullins, God bless him. As for you Beth....instead supporting the negativity, as a "Groves fan" who wants to know that her favorite singer is heard by all, the best route would have been to direct people to give his web site and music to listen. It's sad really, I went to your web site to take a listen to your music, and I must say...great lyrics, but because of your bitterness and ill wish on others who are simply starting up a new company...I was deterred, even if I had heard your music and loved it before reading your blog, I would begin associate your bitterness with it soon afterward, and that is not encouraging to Christians. I have told my Christian friends about your comment on your blog, and they too were surprised at how bitter you were. Not only that, you were exalting your name, because it was not listed in Burn Lounge, stating it would be unwise to underestimate the demands for "Sh" and "Gr", yeah, we all caught on to that, suggesting that the company would fail because they did not list you? So they don't list you, big deal, you should be encouraging young Christians to follow the lord, not bash a company for not listing you...that's just petty. I sincerely hope you change your attitude, if your music is suppose to be inspirational, right now this image does not reflect it.

God Bless.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Shaun, why don't you look into getting your music onto BurnLounge. That would Rock!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are completely wrong. Musicians never got rich selling music. They make the bulk of their cash playing live shows. The music industry got rich selling music. The same industy that is licensing their music to burnlounge.

Anonymous alex said...

It's free for an artist to upload their music onto the burnlounge network. Simply send in a license request form(downloaded off the internet), send it in along with your music and artwork. Wait two weeks or so for them to upload your tunes, then sign the Standard License agreement they send back to you. Which, by the way, pays the artist a much higher percentage than I-Tunes.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon, if you are such a great Christian, how do you feel about taking money off your friends and relatives for something that is highly unproven to benefit yourself? Someone like yourself extolling the virtues of Burnlounge this early on will be the first one to complain when it all goes to pot. Amen to that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We will all see soon enought when the red carpet unfolds. I am a current Burnlounge Independent Music Retailer and without all the hype and mumbo jumbo that is currently being displayed out there, I see the potential of this and I for one am waiting for the company to explode. Although I do feel that in order for this process to be conceivable they must first get the help and names of other top organizations. I feel this is accomplishable.

This is all pretty exciting in a way.

On another note, if any of you out there care to browse a burnlounge site here is a link www.burnlounge.com/myfreemusic

I'm Not asking for you to buy anything or sign up, just check it out if you haven't already. Everybody's store is like a chocolate in a chocolate box.

Have a great day :)

Henry H.
Los Angeles, CA

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so gay that you have gone mad! Wake up and smell the coffee. Burnlounge is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burnlounge is yet another tool for all the spammers out there to promote a crass product via every conceivable method using the search engines and other forums. Burnlounge has only just begun and look at the amount of spam out there already. What will it be like when there are however many millions of people selling it (as hyped - if you believe it) All with their own identikit website - pulease. There are only so many downloads you will be able to sell your friends and family, if you are not high on the search engines you have buckleys of getting any other sales other than what you can conjure up yourself... the spammers know this which is why Burnlounge is already the 'spammer' of the music industry.

Blogger John said...

I tried to send this email to burnlounge and it told me it was too long.

I am trying to figure out how to contact burnlounge directly via email. I don't find any corporate info on their website (not a good thing when you are thinking about giving them $144 to be a retailer)

Anyway, it seems that their only success will be in signing up retailers and then running with the money when the whole concept crashes. The biggest reason I think they will crash is outlined in the letter below. It is just way too easy to buy direct from them without going to the retailer's site. They offer no way to find your retailer on their main website. Internet companies selling wholesale cannot expect their retailers to succeed if all the customer has to do is delete the filename extension and buy directly from www.burnlounge.com Unless they fix this, I suggest no retailer give them a dime. It will be like buying a franchise to a sub shop that eventually sells no sandwiches. How long would that sub franchisee last?

Here's the email I was trying to get to burnlounge execs if anyone knows how:

a friend of mine recently became a distributor and asked me if I wanted to become one. I noticed that you can go directly to www.burnlounge.com and go around the retailer by buying directly from you. I also do not see an easy way to find retailers in my area.
That means my customers will have to type in my complete file name or I won't get credit for the sale. Usualy in multi-tiered sales networks like this, it is not so easy to buy directly from the wholesaler. This is a mojor draw-back to your system and I think it will ultimately lead to your failure.
If a customer has to type in a longer web address such as www.burnlounge.com/myretailname instead of just www.burnlounge.com to get their music and they see they can buy without me then, with the exception of customers that I tell they have to go to my address only, I believe I will lose some of those I tell about this.
They will remember the name burnlounge.com but to expect them to remember my extension also will be too much for some of them leading them to potentially buying directly from you.
I think that if you are going to be signing up retailers than you need to have the main page say, "search for a retailer in your area" and if one is not available or if they cannot find one through an easy to use directory by searching for thier friends names by city or by name or other ways, then you can say, "no retailers found in your area, do you want to learn more about being one?"
I have extensive experience in the internet working with many execs at in the Bay Area and I think that changes along these lines will ensure your success and ultimately the retailer's success and I may even become one.
thank you
and I hope to hear from you soon.

Anonymous travis said...

Once Burnlounge goes public, the main site burnlounge.com goes down. It will be for info only. Not downloading music.
Anyone have any questions, email

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
have you ever heard of the word BETA? NetDictionary.com defines the word BETA as: "A version of an application that is made available prior to the official release for the purposes of testing"

I've heard of BETA. I've even been involved in some BETA TESTS. All the BETA tests I've ever been involved in were FREE because the developer knew the product was not ready for prime-time yet, and because you were helping them get the bugs out.

Burnlounge charges you full retail for their "BETA." Odd...

I don't think the BETA defense is a very good one since you are paying full price to get in, and your supposed customers come to your full-price-beta site and find a limited music selection and beta site...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Active Burnlounge Forum for discussion of the program here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any proof of anyone actually making any REAL money off of Burn Lounge?!!
It looks like a BAD business model.
More Walled Gardens are not the answer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure you wanna see people making money on burnlounge just go to www.topburners.com those folks are rockin right now and as a Burnlounge affiliate I can say that for just starting the money isnt bad and will only get better. You guys crack me up with your skepticism of anything new and feigned intelligence lol. Have fun, lighten up, try something a little diferent for a change. Hell you may actually enjoy it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous gmellow said...

Something to note. Ryan Dadd one of the co-founders of Burnlounge happens to be a music consultant to Christian music labels. see http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/02_23/b3786084.htm

Blogger Chris said...

I attended the Burnlounge Launch in Las Vegas on June 9th & 10th.
Burnlounge ROCKS ! There were many Christian artists performing there.
It was awesome! Have you heard of Just Jinger? Great performance from many artists. This is just the beginning and once again, IT ROCKS.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I agree that BurnLounge has a few kinks to work out, I have seen the changes thusfar. When I became a retailer, they were in version 0.9 and the 1.0 release was a result of the retailers complaints and suggestions - so they are listening. Yes, it's still in its infancy. Yes, it needs work to become more user-friendly. But they'll get there. AOL, iTunes, MySpace, eBay and many others SUCKED in the beginning too. They developed through feedback and suggestions... As will we. Difference is that we profit share among the community instead of making Steve Jobs even more wealthy. As for the musicians, BurnLounge is an even better outlet for them. They sell their own music for higher unit sales, final say over content, little or no production cost and they'll have THOUSANDS of retailers selling their music. So give BurnLounge a chance.


(if the site is down for construction, it'll be back up soon)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, Beth... It doesn't matter whether the artist/band is signed with an agent or label. Burnlounge is just another avenue to sell their music and become more popular. One of my favorite Blues bands is Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers. As good as they are, no one's heard of them. There's a new guy on Burnlounge called "Coffey." He's a country guy and not my cup of tea (I'm a Blues, Jazz, Trance and Rock kinda guy). He was strummin' a guitar on 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica for change. One of the founders heard him and got him on BurnLounge. He's expected to go platinum through his Burnlounge sales alone. ALL FOUR major record labels and many indies are with BurnLounge. There's a reason for that. There's a reason Cadillac, Logitech, Lexxar, Nokia, RedBull and other big companies are behind Burnlounge. If sales of music downloads are expected to hit 45 BILLION dollars by 2008, why not get in with Burnlounge and make some money? Oh, and by the way, Burnlounge was DEBT-FREE by the time they launched in June 2006. That's pretty cool in and of itself.




(if the site is down for construction, it'll be back up soon - hosting drama)

Anonymous Bobby Wade said...

Burnlounge is a scam, check out


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right. Just because some blow-hard on the internet says it's a scam...it must be. If companies like Cadillac and ALL FOUR record companies are involved...why do you think that is? Because it's a scam? You don't think the government has already scrutinized Burnlounge? Get real.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - scam? Really? So, I just need to know where you got your law degree and expertise to know that BurnLounge is a scam? Because evidently you know more than the legal teams for all the major labels, Cadillac, Nokia, Shaquille ONeal, Justin Timberlake, Rick Dees, Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Danica Patrick, Hootie and the Blowfish, James Brown, MC Lyte, and many more... Like the previous comment said; get real. You can be arrested for being part of an illegal scheme out to rip people off - please review, again, the names above at this time for another reality check. Also, please purchase a subscription to the Wall Street Journal so that you can read about our company in 2007/2008. Finally, please DONT BUY A BURNLOUNGE because I am in BurnLounge and we prefer business-savvy individuals that understand the power of timing and trends. I am an actor in NYC and have been a BurnLounge owner for 4 months - I have been supporting several bands that are now making money and I have a team of 73 retailers to help me do just that. We are now a form of distribution controlled by ourselves, and our artists are absolutely thrilled! GET YOUR STUFF IN TO BURNLOUNGE IF YOU ARE A MUSICIAN!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's what's been happening at BurnLounge over the last few months.

FTC files suit. Juan "Alex" Arnold resigns as CEO of BurnLounge. Change in business model.

August 24th - BL lays off their entire customer support department. Shortly thereafter, BL laid off the rest of it's employees.

BurnLounge has failed to pay it's former employees their last earned wages. Supposedly, there is no money in the company as of right now.

Ryan Dadd and Stephen Murray are no longer with BurnLounge. They have left to pursue interests in another company that they created called "RevImage".


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