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WARNING: This video is not upbeat and positive. But is it true?

HT: Chad Jarnagin


Blogger Nancy Tyler said...

I missed this one on the air. I can't stand most of SNL's and MadTV's Jesus skits but this one I liked. Sure, they've edited the heck out of the audio to create the piece, but I think if all of the audio were restored to its original context, we'd probably still come away with the same reaction.

Well-timed posting here considering the latest judgment cries of that self-appointed prophet of our day, Pat Robertson in response to his 'friend' Ariel Sharon's stroke. So is the judment Pat's proclaiming supposed to be Sharon's impending death at 77 (hardly an early age to die) or the method God is supposedly using to take Sharon out--a stroke?

I wonder how Pat would spin his own eventual demise. I guess if he went down from a stroke, it would be Satan attacking him or God calling him home to his reward.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is true, and has been long enough for SNL to recognize it...


Anonymous keith said...

I remember seeing this when it first aired back in the day. I liked it then and still do. Is it true? Well, I don't think Jesus desires to zap people in such a fashion, but I do think He rejoices in the child's faith as portrayed by Linus.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

www.myspace.com/benfolds (then watch the "Jesusland" video) it's along the same lines.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus is probably just as sad that you guys are getting a kick out of SNL and MAD TV making fun of Him and His children. Whether some of this is true or not, last time I checked He was the one who is going to judge all of manking not us or SNL or MAD TV or any other blasphemous skit. Religion sucks, but judging and criticizing God's people is just as religious as the stuff that this skit was making fun of. Maybe someday God's people will love each other and encourage instead of judge and criticize.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judge all of mankind* my bad


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