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I'm still on a break from the real world - no e-mail, little internet access, no desire to do much of anything, especially anything resembling work, painting, fixing, unpacking or thinking. So, no blogging, at least for now. I just wanted to stick my head in here at SHLOG.COM to say, "Happy New Year" and "I'm still alive, just purposefully absent...and extremely lazy." Feels good.

Now a quick note to IKON folks. I don't have acces to my e-mail right now so this is the closest to a mass reminder I can send out this week about IKON. Spread the word: There is NO IKON this Tuesday, January 3rd. We'll meet again and begin a new book study (1 Corinthians: A Letter To Sin City) January 10. See you there.

Wow, that felt a little like work. I'm exhausted. I think I'll take a nap.


Blogger GrovesFan said...

WHEW! I can relax now. I was beginning to think you'd been captured by aliens or something! Welcome back, even if it's just to let us know you're still around. Enjoy your laziness. You have so little of it! When you're rested, come back and tell us how your Christmas was, how your birthday was (are you feeling older yet?) and how the house is looking. Also, let me know when your package arrives.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well thank th' lord ya didn't fall off a cliff after all! So you're still getting house stuff done? Bummer. Glad to hear that you're doin...umm...nothing though.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For lettting Us know that there is No Ikon! I really WISH THERE Was though. SEE YA NEXT Tuesday night. I hope you had a Wonderful Chirstmas and New Year! See YA'LL Next Week!


Blogger Mark said...

I haven't been around either, so I thought you were still here. :)

Happy New Year and have fun with those pirates who don't do anything.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

trivia: where does this word find its origin? -scrumtrelescent-

Blogger Peanut Lost Souls said...

Happy New Year to you too Shaun! Kick back and relax...You deserve a break today! Not really sure what IKON is about... but that's okay...It must be something to do with your local church thingy which probably doesn't pertain to me. Oh well... All is well!


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Answer:: VeggieTales...maybe from Lord of the Beans??

Anonymous Anonymous said...

scrumtrelescent comes from will farrel doing "inside the actors studio" as james lipton. "Your performance was so great there are no words to decribe its greatness. I will have to make one up...scrumtrelescent"... See I have time where I should be doing something more productive too...

Anonymous anna said...

i know it sounds wierd but sometimes i dont think ur actually real.........

happy new year


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