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Click image to enlarge and read this craiglist listing.


Blogger GrovesFan said...

I totally understand where this parent is coming from on one hand. It could possibly teach this unruley child a very valuable lesson. He will probably do some serious thinking before throwing a temper tantrum again.

However, it might also go a long way in convincing him that his parents only love him when he's good; that their love is conditional. Christmas is about the birth of the ultimate gift from God, Himself. HE didn't place any conditions on His love when He offered it to us. All we have to do is accept it.

Instead of selling it and then giving him the box of coal, I'd let him open it, and then very carefully, but firmly explain that BECAUSE his parents love him enough to discipline him, even though it's probably just as hard for them, they will be driving him to the local women's and children's shelter or orphanage, etc. so that he can present this X-Box 360 to them and just possibly learn a bit about what giving really means. If they do sell it, then they should have him take the money and give it to those who really it; even more than the X-Box.


Anonymous Mike said...

:) That spoiled kid could have made my Christmas if I had known about this earlier!! I'm in Kansas City, and tried to search this one down, but alas, someone already took it.

Anonymous Randy said...

that's priceless. it's sick how kids get away with so much nowadays. glad to see someone "getting even". Have a Happy Christmas

Blogger Nick said...

I love it.

Anonymous tunz4jesus said...

I agree with Beth. Not the most loving solution. Kindness turns a harsh word, that kid sure knew how to get dad's attention, through his stereo.

Blogger Rica said...

I agree with Beth, too.

Man, if I ever did that, my mom would MAKE me buy my own X-Box!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice. If more people in this country were poor, we'd be alot better off.

Shaun, I havn't commented until now, but me and my friends love to see what you have to say.. so thanks for those mind poking posts. check out me blog sometime. http://www.xanga.com/hawkeye101

~ Joel

Blogger Kat said...

This makes me wonder where to guilt transfers from the parents to the kid. I mean, did the parents not teach their child about not being greedy or did the boy just decide to rebel and BE greedy?

I don't really think that this is a good resolution for the situation. I don't think the boy should get the x-box, but it just seems like the way the dad is handling it is a bit immature. Hopefully, a nice long heart to heart will follow the Christmas morning "surprise."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three words...Beat your child.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear anon.

see "brant's question on my non-violence..." post.

Anonymous ScW said...

This reminds me of something last year where a guy put his kids PSP's on eBay with a very similar story. He ended up making a ton of money in the end because of the press coverage he'd gotten.

Anonymous Jo aka Dory aka Hope said...

Ahah...that made me laugh...so sad. Kids nowadays...*rolls eyes*


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