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Hemant Mehta, an atheist and member of the Secular Student Alliance sold his time on Ebay for $10/hour to Jim Henderson of Christian group off-the-map.org. View the e-bay item here and read about the transaction from an atheists point of view here and here. Or read off-the-map's reasoning for buying an atheist for the purpose of being taken to churches and asked afterward to answer survey questions about how the services and programs there struck him (market testing).


Anonymous Jess said...

Thank You.

Anonymous Jess said...

I should maybe have explained that that was in reference to the 'twoo weeks ago today' posts.

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

Interesting, are we starting to put a price on eternal life?

Blogger Paula said...

I think that it's good that he's going into it with an open mind, and not just to judge and criticise. Athiests are interesting people. Very challenging to speak with - they often live with more conviction than most christians, sadly.

Blogger Amy said...

i love it...a lot of good reading ahead of me on those blogs.


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