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Death Cab For Cutie, leader of the nerd rock movement, has gone and done an ingenious thing: creating a video album. The band contracted avant-garde film makers to create videos, short films really, for each of the eleven songs on their critically acclaimed 2005 released album "Plans. The video album called "Directions" is diverse, beautiful, worth the cash at $1.99 per video and available only through iTunes here. For more about the film project check out Death Cab's special "Directions" site.

My kids' favorite is Crooked Teeth. It's never too early to nerd rock.


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Thanks to Brody (sometimes commenter here and soon-to-be neighbor of mine) for e-mailing me a few days ago about the DIRECTIONS stuff. I just discovered today that it was downloadable. Let's see burnlounge do that.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

neighbor nerds.... can't wait. hopefully i will see you sunday. i finally get to go. talk to you then.


Blogger Seth Ward said...

man your fast. thanks!

Blogger NerdMom said...

Nerd Rock eh? I didn't realize. I must investigate or change my name;).

Blogger jabthejesusfreak said...

This truly is a unique and excellent album. I have a hard time saying I dislike any of these videos, because they're all so unique!

My favorite(s) has/have to be What Sarah Said, Different Names For The Same Thing and Marching Bands Of Manhattan.


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