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"The Square Peg Alliance is a group of singer/songwriters who really like each other. We have all been doing music on our own but have decided to join forces like the wonder twins - except there are 13 of us instead of 2. There is no guy in a suit putting all of us together. We really just believe in each other's art and want to support it.
We don't write music so we can be the next big thing (or if we do, it hasn't worked for us). We believe that there are folks out there who like music even if it isn't played every three minutes on the radio, even if it isn't on a big label, even if it isn't accompanied by a music video, even if the shows aren't flashy or even if the records don't go platinum (or gold, or silver, or aluminum foil, etc.).

That is why we are the Square Peg Alliance. Thirteen artists who might not fit perfectly into the traditional mold of the music business, but have found a home with each other."

The Square Peg Alliance is, at the moment:

Katy Bowser
Jeremy Casella
Billy Cerveny
Randall Goodgame
Andy Gullahorn
Matthew Perryman Jones
Chris Mason
Sandra McCracken
Andrew Osenga
Eric Peters
Andrew Peterson
Jill Phillips
Derek Webb

More here from Matthew Smith on a recent Square Peg Alliance show in Nashville.


Blogger Matthew Smith said...

Thanks for linking to my post! Could you add a link to my blog to your list on the right?

Blogger Duda Mano said...

Hey Shaun...
Thanks for linking your blog to me... there's only a problem... the link address is wrong... if you clik on it, it shows a blogger message (I noticed that there are some other wrong links on the Bettert Blogs list also).

The SPA is a great thing... all great guys... are you joining them?

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

All fixed. Several links were badly written by me. They should work now. Let me know if you find anything broken around these parts. Sorry about that.

Joining? SPA is the freemasons of the Nashville music scene. You don't JOIN them. You're kidnapped in the dead of night, thrown in a minivan driven by Mr.Peterson (the grand poobah), bound with E strings, and "initiated" at the edge of town - near Smirna I think - the released back into society to make more music critics love but soccer moms hate. I'm pretty sure that's how it works. But it's all rumors and conjecture at this point. And of course members of the SPA deny this to be in any way true.

Blogger Hale-Yeah! said...

I can't wait to see what comes out of this alliance. I am a huge fan of several of the artists on the list, and am excited to check out the others. Thanks for keeping it raw and real.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you hate soccer moms? or do you have to love them too??

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

You have to. Love them that is.


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