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I've written about Stanley Hauerwas here before but thought it might be better to let him speak for himself a while. Hauerwas is a theologian teaching at Duke University these days, a former Notre Dame professor, a Texan, a brash and controversial ethicist, and author of numerous books covering everything from Christian community (church) to Christian non-violence (pacifism). He has influenced my thinking more tan any other author or theologian by confusing me, angering me, and provoking me to flip through the pages of other authors' works, the bible and history to better understand God's mind on these matters. Here's hoping he provokes you in the same way.

Notable quote from Part 1: "When Christians kill Christians it's not murder; it's suicide."

Click below to listen to this rare audio. Enjoy. Discuss. Part 2 coming soon.

this is an audio post - click to play


Blogger Seth Ward said...

Hauerwas Shmauerwas. JK!!!!

Hey I tried to listen to the clip and it said the account was suspended.

What are the chances of YOU getting an interview with him and sharing here at Shlog Central?

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Account suspended? I'l check into that and get it up and running again tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads up.

Chances? Let me check the eight ball.

"Not a chance."

There you have it.


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

It's up and running now.

Thanks again for letting me know about the malfunction. It takes a village to raise a blog.

Blogger Seth Ward said...

No problemo Hillary.

Very interesting interview. Got me thinking about a few more chinks in the Just War armor. I wish that He would have discussed more on what he thought is problematic in people thinking that Augustine is the father of Just War.

I didn't realize there was another veiw of Just War that states "war is a moral category to acheive relative justice in a world that is generaly without justice." So basically it states that there is always going to be injustice so there must always be war to establish justice. ick.

What is unclear to me is; does he mean that war must always be initiated and mantained to inititate and mantain justice? When you say war is a moral category thats pretty much what you mean i think.

I also didn't know some of those things about Niebuhr. cool.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Part 2 will clarify a little more his position on war.

Up tomorrow.


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