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For those at ikon wanting to know where to get that video we showed last Tuesday, here it is: Dave Matthews Band's "Everyday." Old video, but apparently not to twenty year olds.

The point? Love acts; it shows and spreads. If it's not visible it's not viable.

I counseled a guy who every week had a new problem for me to "solve". After months of this listening, praying and working in his issues, I told him I'd keep meeting with him but I wanted him to try something: Do something for someone else for one hour this week. Something no one, even I, will ever find out about. Sort clothes for a shelter. Serve food there. Read a book to seniors at a retirement center. Something. Just find something to do for someone else. One hour. One week. Then we'll talk again.

My belief was that this guy's biggest problem was self-centeredness. His issues weren't all that large really but they consumed most of the space in his brain and heart. THey were all he saw and all he talked about. I hoped focussing him elsewhere for an hour would be good medicine. Maybe eventually his focus could be there everyday.

I haven't seen him since. It was medicine he couldn't swallow.

This video, as silly as it seems, is inspiring isn't it? Inspires me to take the medicine I prescribe. One guy doing one small thing for strangers who then pass it along. Idealistic? Sure. But love makes us that way doesn't it?


Blogger Kathryn said...

i loved that video. . thanx for making my day!

p.s. great advice you gave you that man.

Blogger marianne said...

Lucky Guy - all those hugs in one day! :-)

My mom tells me to "go out and do something for someone" anytime I start a brand new whinefest. It does hush me up, but I also know it really works.

Love the video - thanks for sharing it.


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