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How's this sound? If you donate $10 or more I'll send you my next CD free. PayPal - the company through which donations are being funneled - allows me to see the billing address of all donors. If that info's correct this should go down without a hitch. Just in case, I'll send out an e-mail (also provided by PayPal, to all donors before I ship to verify their address.

Now, here's what I don't know, so beware: I don't know if you'll get a full CD package or not - you know with lyrics and a cover and what not. I don't know if we'll make those at all at this point. Depends a great deal on how many donations are received. I don't know for certain that it will be a live CD or when it will come out. The goal is a live disc with at least ten songs on it within the next six months. Wish I could promise more.

So consider your donations a pre-order of sorts. Your donations will rebuild this site and make an album possible so why not just give that sucker to you for helping in a huge way. More than $10 donated = FREE MUSIC. Tell your friends.



Blogger Amy said...

sounds good. but i'll buy it as well anyway.

Blogger Rachel said...

Hey Shaun...this is off topic (the idea sounds great though.) Okay, a few questions for you...

Are you going to SATCO tonight? And...where is it? I know there's one downtown Nashville, is there another one in Franklin or something?


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

I'm not going tonight. SATCO is on 21st I believe. It's near West End. Just look 'em up. San Antonio Taco Company in Nashvegas.

You know I've got e-mail too if you ever need to reach me: shaunikon@bellsouth.net

Blogger Rachel said...

I think I knew your email address...but yes. This was the first way I could think of to reach you.

Duly noted. :)

Thanks Shaun!

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Sounds like a great idea. You can count on me to purchase more copies too though as usual.


Anonymous bs said...

I am curious to see whether you get a spike of donations after this announcement compared to the initial call you gave people on the 30th. I would say without hesitation that the bulk of America is selfish but what about Shlog readers. I know that I thought about donating after first reading it (I'm just slow to act), but after reading this post I thought, "I need to donate quickly." Hmm... still haven't kicked that whole "ME" thing I guess.


-geek #1

Anonymous euphrony said...

I made a donation and, cd or not, it was worthwhile and I hope it blesses you in your ministry. I wanted to put in enough to cover a cd for myself and for someone else who can not give, plus S&H.

I really believe in this circle of blessings thing (I bless you and you bless me and/or others and on and on). I have a friend here who is the perfect example (http://erinlo.blogspot.com/): she received an anonymous donation (that guy really does get around) that allowed her to record a 5-song cd, which she was then able to sell at a coffee house show to raise significant funds to cover adoption expenses for the child she is waiting on from Viet Nam. Her family was blessed, and now her music can bless others, plus they get the opportunity to grow their family and to bless a child. Amazing how God calls us to work!

James 4:17

Anonymous Anonymous said...

count me in! where do i donate?
*rachel (gliter girl:)


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