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Since Randy retired as Worship Arts Pastor at The People's Church several of us have been filling in, taking turns at strumming and singing in his shoes. A hard job...especially that early in the morning. I appreciate all you guys and girls who do this every week at churches around the world.

Too many words to remember that I didn't write. So I cheated and worked in a couple songs of my own, just to give my brain a rest. Here are two from a few weeks ago:

What makes filling in easier is having a great band to work with, all volunteers from within the church. I'm gonna brag on them for a minute. They are not only tremendously talented but also tremendously easy to work with. No egos. Teachable and flawless. Here's who they are, with any interesting info the muzos out there might care to know about them:

Keys: Brian Green (producer, session guy)
Keys: Ken Rarick (formerly of Air Supply)
Bass: Theron Hatch (might be a professional blogger)
Drums: Glenn Williams
Electric: Rob Soleberg (Of Brainwave Studios)
Acoustic: Josh Cassidy (IKONer, singer/songwriter, bilingual customer service agent at LifeWay)
Female Vocalist: Charlynn Carpenter (Assistant for Ginny Owens, model/actress, married to Scott of The Luxury Liners)
Male Vocalist: Josh Harrison

Thanks to Dustin at The People's Church for getting me this footage and allowing me to post it.


Anonymous Theron said...

Oh, you're THAT shaun groves. All along I had you confused with someone else. All kidding aside, its great having you leading us. Thanks for the spotlight in your post. ain't bloggin' fun...

Blogger Sherri Lavender said...

Ummm, wow. Didn't know you're sporting a mullet these days. I'm speechless.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...


The front's as long as the back. But all tucked in behind the ears for church and all, yea, it's mullet-ISH. ISH. But not full on mullet.

Blogger Brody Harper said...

business up front... party in the back...

Anonymous Josh said...

No.. it's "business up front, PARTY IN THE BACK!" (At least if you've ever listened to Family Force 5 song of the same name.)


Blogger Scooby said...

That's one thing I miss about Nashville: absolutely incredible-sounding worship. And an absence of ego among a group of people who have every reason to be proud about their talent.

Blogger Brody Harper said...

no ego? are we talking about the same nashville? tennessee right??

Blogger Shaun Groves said...


But, yea, I had the same question.

Blogger wstaple said...

As TPC members, we're continually blown away by the musical talent there.


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