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The Worship Leader Magazine folks played this at a session and asked the worship leaders in the crowd, "So, is this how you feel? Is this what it feels some people who come to your church are shopping for?"

Funny. Sad. And true, but not everywhere for everyone. Not even close. It's easy to obsess on all that's wrong with us Christians and church but being with other Christians and ministers and musicians all week has had the opposite effect on me. I've been very encouraged and rejuvenated by my time here at Estes. I've met so many people I'd love to go to church with, who get what church and faith and life can be. It's contagious and very inspiring.


Anonymous euphrony said...

I could really go for that oil change during worship. How about a tithers discount?

I saw this a year or so ago. Very funny. I know some who are like this, but pleanty who are not. Just goes to show that even Christians are human and prone to sin.

Blogger The Cachinnator said...


Anonymous Rodd said...

very cool stuff. As much as I know my church wouldn't regard itself as being strikingly 'me' focussed, there are other expectations a little more subtle, but equally as deadly. I like it!

Blogger texags said...

Um, is that Estes Park? That's awsome. A hangnail is inspiring when it's in Estes Park.

Blogger Cmommy said...

oooh, funny!...our church is about to celebrate it's 2nd "birthday" and we meet in an overflow room at a local high school; we've had the strangest reactions from time to time and lots of questions about our 'plans to build' (no plans).

Our worship leader is moving on to a permanent position at a fellow church; could you add us to your prayers? Thanks, C (singalullaby.typepad.com)

Anonymous Rodd Jefferson said...

I'm in a similar position. We meet in a community hall and have similar 'plans'. And yet it's amazing to see how stereotypical we can be about church. Without a building there is no church? Really? Which reminds me: there's a classic 'me-church' way of thinking: "When I come to a church I want it to be clear I'm entering something majestic, a place I'd be proud to be seen in."

Blogger Loren said...

” Impacted by a global culture of consumerism, ever-changing technology and postmodern angst, it can be difficult for us to become part of anything that does not exist for our benefit. We are hesitant to embrace anything that inconveniences or challenges our personal opinions and comfort…Yet at the core of true worship is a life that gives up everything. It’s not about what’s in it for “us”; rather, it’s about being broken and humbled before the King of eternity as we lay down our lives and agendas before Him.”

This a beautiful paragraph from: The Worship God is Seeking…An exploration of worship and the kingdom of God. By David Ruis.


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