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4:30 HURTS

4:30 AM hurts. Hurts bad. Newspaper delivery guy, drive time DJ, garbage man, I salute you. I salute you and then I take a nap. And pray I never see 4:30 AM again.



Blogger The Cachinnator said...

4:30am is a myth that I have only approached on my way to bed, never from it.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

I feel your pain! I couldn't fall asleep last night in spite of my meds and it was two AM before I finally dozed off. I was awakened at 5:45 AM with "we need more re-bar here." They're repaving my street and the concrete started to flow very early this am! I had to get up shortly afterward anyway to drop my son off for his Venture Crew canoe trip and take my oldest daughter to the doctor. I thought I'd get to come home and catch a quick nap before Bible study this afternoon, but alas, I was called at the last minute to facilitate. I studied instead! Then, home to get the kids ready to go again. Now I'm back home and almost ready to drop! I hope I don't see 4:30 am for a long time!


Blogger dockanz said...

Until recently, I awoke at 4:20 to exercise. The reason I chose to do this was because my wife requested I exercise in the morning so I could spend time with the family in the afternoon. I respected that. However, I found I went to bed with the sun still shining and the neighborhood kids yelling in the streets. Ah, for the love of a child.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

how was your tray table?


Blogger Amy said...

sounds like a time I wake up for one reason only...travel. one of my favorite flights is the 6 a.m flight out of ontario to denver.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

THe tray table was comfy as usual. Thanks for asking.

Anonymous tiffany said...

Oh, you fortunate people who never have to see 4:30 AM. Before this summer, I'd only been up until 4:30. You can add Starbucks baristas, donut shop workers, truck drivers, and bagel shop employees (like myself) to that list. I just know it's pathetic when I'm looking forward to getting up at 8 am during the school year. So much for being one of those college students that gets to sleep in. :)

Blogger Nancy Tyler said...

I love 4:30am. Everything is still and my life feels very simple. My excuses and plots and neuroses have not yet begun their day's work. And so I'm left to pray simply, free from the mental and emotional seaweed that entangles me when I dip into the waters of the world beyond my bedroom door.


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