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I'm teaching three seminars next week at The Gospel Music Association's Seminar In The Rockies - or what's commonly called just "Estes Park."

It's way up there. Miles above Nashville so I'll be speaking, and walking, a little more slowly I'm sure. If you're there check out one of the seminar's I'm leading as part of Worship Leader Magazine's "Worship" track (I write for them now too; check it out.) :

Thursday 9:45 - 11 AM Toast: Preventing and Surviving Burnout In Ministry
Practical biblical strategies I've learned the hard way for balancing work and family, staying emotionally and spiritually fit, dealing with difficult people in the church and more.

Thursday 1:30 - 2:45 After The Music Fades: Worshipping without song
Should be called "Good news for the tone deaf"). Discover what the word "worship" really means in scripture. (Hint: It's never music in the original Hebrew or Greek.)

Friday 9:45 - 11 AM The Kingdom of Heaven: When Worshippers Work
What is the kingdom of Heaven and what do musicians have to do with it?

I'll also be critiquing songs for burgeoning new writers brave enough for it (Friday 1:30-2:45) and co-hosting the National Finals of the Artist competition with my friend Rachel Lampa (Friday 7PM). (I think I get t play a song or two at that as well.)

See you there.


Blogger stephen said...


Would you be good enough to keep your eye out for a girl named Faith Minnich? She's entered the vocal competition. And she just happens to attend my church.


Enjoy the beauty of Estes Park!

Blogger euphrony said...

Looks like some good topics. I just participated in a search committee for a new worship minister, and we talked quite a bit about how this means more than leading some songs on Sunday morning and deciding where to insert a prayer or two. As to the kingdom of heaven - this has been a huge topic of obsession for at least the last ten years of my life. I get so tired of hearing people talk about the kingdom as through it is something distant, almost not real, when it is present. But then I hear things like Sara Grove's Add to the Beauty and some of the things you have to say and I am encouraged that some people get it and want other to, as well.


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