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For anyone still interested...the most thorough and well-written review in the blogosphere of Mark Driscoll's book Confessions of a Reformission Rev is over at Relevintage. Brad writes a great summary and a brief interesting little discussion/diversion on Mark's choice of language in which Leonard Sweet is quoted as once writing:

"I can enjoy and quote Nobel Prize-winning author Elias Canetti without embracing his sincere belief that he was never going to die. I can learn from and be instructed by the theology of Martin Luther without embracing his beliefs about the evil of Jews or his rejection of Copernicus. Ninety percent of Isaac Newton’s writings consist of treatises on theology, alchemy, and mysticism. Does that mean that his scientific colleagues should have dismissed his scientific work? Any visit to the Christian Hall of Fame [Hebrews 11] reveals a gallery of greats who didn’t have it all together or get it right, either."

Click here to purchase Confessions of a Reformission Rev and read more about it.


Anonymous Brad said...

wow, dude, i am so honored that you mentioned me on your blog. you are GREAT vicarious friend from the past!

wondered if you'd be so kind as to add me to your blogroll as well. you've been on mine since day numero uno of relevintage. thanks in advance...

just want to let you know: always reading, always challenged, always 'shloggy'!


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