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If you're Ritalin prescription has run out and left you bored bored bored to the point of disappointment with every aspect of your life including your search engine experience, well, have I got good news for you. SIX SEARCH ENGINES!...in one.

It's called Huckabuck and it's the only way I know of to search Google, Digg, Yahoo, Technorati, MSN, and del.icio.us all at the same time. Hit the "search tuner" button to unleash your inner control freak and "tune" your front page results.

Wow, thank you, Huckabuck. I've been itching for even more pages of search results to comb through.

Why do we need this?



Anonymous Lu said...

Okay, this is dangerous new toy in my hands! I am SO addicted to searches. Oh, Shaun, what have you done to me???

On a completely different subject -- worship was AWE-SOME today. Thank you! I was doing sound/video in the Chapel 1st service but was in the sanctuary during 2nd service, and your spirit as you led us in worship was so beautiful. I felt truly free to worship from my heart, and express that outwardly. You truly led us to the throne humbly and focused on God, not yourself. Thanks, bro. It was beautiful.

Blogger robyn elise said...

my favorite search engine interface is blingo (blingo.com). it searches from google but they pick a bunch of random times throughout the day and if you're the first person to search after one of those times you win...you can win a movie ticket, a VISA gift card, an iTunes gift card, or even an iPod nano. if you sign up from a referral link and win, the person who referred wins what you win. same goes if you invite someone and they win - you win what they win.

i just won a movie ticket this evening. my referral link is on my blog (robynelise.com) and anyone is welcome to sign up and win :)

just thought i'd let y'all know.


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