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"Several years ago a Muslim man said to me, 'I find no guidance in the Qur'an on how Muslims should live as a minority in a society and no guidance in the New Testament on how Christians should live as a majority.' He put his finger on a central difference between the two faiths."

Read the rest of "The Lure Of Theocracy" written by Christianity's Bob Ross, Philip Yancey.



Anonymous Stephen said...

I appreciated that article by Yancey. I do freelance work for both Christian and Muslim organizations and so have spent a lot of time thinking about the differences and similarities between the worldviews of each. I have long thought that some of the very things I disagree with most in societies ruled by Islamic law are the same things some Christians are trying to put into effect in America. Yancey's article should give us all pause.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever disagreed with Yancey, who also knows that anyone who equates Islamic understanding (of the proper relationship of religion and government) with a Christian one misunderstands the central teachings of Islam, or Christianity, or both. Deeply.

For the record, sure, we should, still, understand that the Kingdom is not a political one, regardless of Sojourners' approach.

Of course, there is danger. There are atheists who still enforce their religious views in some countries under pain of law, in addition to the Muslim theocracies aplenty, etc.

...but the publishing industry and blogosphere is crackling with worries about Christian theocracy. Here, there, and everywhere! Theocracies, run by Christians!

Can't imagine the hullabaloo if, you know, one actually existed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad writing on my part. My point is there are no Christian theocracies, which is a wonderful thing. Past attempts have been disastrous, and can anyone make a sensible argument they are consonant with the teachings of Christ?


Blogger Shaun Groves said...

I agree Brant. None exist in reality, only in the imaginations of a few. But imaginations are what we work to make reality and in as much as that work is being done, it's something to work against. But what's the alternative?

I don't know.


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