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The anniversary trip is over. The "trip" was really more of a commute from our home outside of Nashville into the big city for a couple days. We walked around the gardens at Cheekwood first because we needed the silence to detox from kids and work and just be alone to sit and talk. Becky went to a spa for some pampering afterwards while I checked us into our hotel and made dinner arrangements. We ate at places we've never been to before at lunch and dinner because one of Becky's favorite things is trying new food. We shopped the clearance section of women's apparel at Target because Becky doesn't ever get to do that without having to corral small children at the same time or feeling rushed to get back home and help me corral the children. Then we ate some more. That was the first day.

Day two was movie day - Becky's design. We slept in and ate unhealthy Cinnabons for breakfast - no usual morning exercising and no guilt about it either. We got showered and dressed leisurely without fixing anyone else's breakfast or getting anyone else's shoes on the right feet. And then we saw Pirates of the Caribbean (3 out of 5 stars), broke for Mexican food, saw The Lake House (1 star, and that's generous) and then headed over to the Saffire Grill to hear some live jazz and eat until it hurt...because moms and dads of small children don't get to go to movies very often, especially two in one day, and never get to eat for so long so late.

Basically we hung out like friends for a couple days - friends who don't care what they eat, don't care about being productive, have no place to be and nothing important to do and no one needing anything from them. We lived in our own little bubble for 48 hours. It was nice in the bubble. A little too quiet after a while but nice.

The bubble popped Saturday afternoon when my parents/baby-sitters left town and I did too, which left Becky at home alone with three kids again - but rejuvenated.

We've decided to do this two day getaway thing every three months or so, even if it's just heading into Nashville. We need it like a car needs a tune up every now and then. Just getting away together and remembering why we got married in the first place - because we're crazy about each other - is something we need to do more regularly. It makes living outside the bubble of alone time a little less overwhelming.

Getting away together makes eating right and exercising again even more painful though. But I'm easing my way back into healthy with a large Coke and two greasy hash browns from McDonald's this morning - don't want to shock the system you know. Re-entry's a process. A couple of days and I'll be back to granola and organically grown veggies. Something to look forward to.


Anonymous ann said...


Blogger Chaotic Hammer said...

Shaun - I'm not exactly certain, but I'm just guessing that a lot of your audience demographic is younger folks, like college age singles, or younger married couples.

But I really hope that whoever they are, that they will listen carefully and take to heart, and commit to long-term memory, the wisdom of these things you're saying. When we talk about our relationship with the Lord, we realize that over time we can get into ruts and grow hard-hearted in certain areas, and we are reminded to remember our first love, and to always find fresh reminders of the thrill our hearts felt when we first knew such strong and amazing love.

But it's also important to nurture our earthly relationships, especially marriage, in this same way.

Grandparents are great for giving the kids a place to go while the married couple spends quality time alone. But I'd recommend that some of the people reading this consider a possible ministry opportunity that they can undertake as well, that some of the members of our small group have found is very helpful -- that is, giving the kids a place to go and be taken care of while married couples (or single parents) can get to spend some time alone. Sometimes very small children, or special-needs children, can take almost every waking minute of a parent's time and energy to manage and care for, and if you can take a few days, or even just a few hours of your time and offer to take on the care and responsibility for these little ones, you'll give the parents an opportunity for some free time that is so rare, and yet so needful for their sanity and well-being.

Blogger SistaSmiff said...

In my 17 years of being married to a road musician guy, we've never had the opportunity to get away, just me and him. I'm envious of y'all for by golly-taking the time.

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

GASP!! The horror!! Ya mean they don't have Dr.Pepper at the McDonalds in...wherever your at?! Which by the way whyyyy are you drinking that kind of unhealthy stuff for breakfast?...oh wait it's McDonalds of course even the skim milk there's unhealthy what am I talking about.

It's great to hear your talk about your Becky, Shaun. The sweetness gives me the warm fuzzies *giggles* Ya know you're a role model for single girls. The things you say and do for her just screams "Look for a guy who will treat you like this!!" So yeah high marks for you! Keep loving your wife and kids well!


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