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I'm gone for the next three days , including this one, celebrating my anniversary. Nine years has flown by.

We've had a full day so far. At breakfast at the Loveless Cafe, then spent the morning walking and talking without any interruptions from little people at Cheekwood botanical gardens and museum. After lunch there I dropped Becky off to get a massage and relax a little before we go out tonight for a long dinner - again with no interruptions and no place to be. More relaxation and alone time tomorrow...after we sleep in...way in.

I'll be back here Saturday evening. Until then, I'm unplugged and loving it.


Anonymous ann said...

Yaaayy. Nine years. Happy anniversary to you and your wife.

I think, in honor of your anniversary, you should blog about how you met or something else like that. i've been wanting to hear some kind of sweet story about your wife, since the 'sleeping butt to butt' post.

peace and blessings to you both.

Blogger Randy Webb said...

Happy Anniversary

Enjoy your time "away"

Blogger Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

AWWWWW *giggles* so happy to hear ya'll are gettin to be together. That's SOOOO sweet!!

Blogger The Cachinnator said...

Happy Anniversary, bud.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Blessings to you on this special day! Scott and I are rounding the corner to 19 this year.


Anonymous miss munky said...

Happy Anniversary!
Curious George and I are celebrating #10 in a couple of weeks.
I hope you have a wonderful time together.

I guess I missed the post about sleeping butt to butt...There's 2 too many babies in my bed to even know my poor dh is there.
But babies grow up and I'm sure our cheeks will rest against eachother again...someday.

Blogger Jules said...

Marriage is the best earthly thing I've done right!
Relax and enjoy!

Anonymous Los said...

Congrats SHLOG.
Hey. Could you change your link in your sidebar to www.ragamuffinsoul.com instead of to los.typepad.com? Thanks!!


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