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Random I know but I've been asked about where to find Blogger templates. I remember when I first started on Blogger and all the trouble I had finding something more unique than the overused templates they provide. So, here's the best Blogger template source I've found: http://www.geckoandfly.com/blogspot-templates/ Enjoy.

Never used any of these templates only because I never planned on staying with Blogger for long. Reminder: the new nonBlogger SHLOG.COM site is in the works thanks to your donations. Coming soon!


Blogger Miriel said...

I've actually been searching for blogger templates. This is great. Thank you!

Blogger Nathan said...

thank you very, very much. i too was looking for some templates. so thanks.

Blogger Segmadis said...

Hi, I don't want to make any advertise, but if you want I can spare some cool sites with you. If you want please send one e-mail to me and I will respond as soon as possible to you.
By the way I didn't know this source but it looks good. Thanks for this info :)

My e-mail is: segmadis [at] gmail.com


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