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For the person who asked for it and anyone else interested, here's the prayer we closed with at ikon on Tuesday night. Again, the night was about love and how we love other people partly because we are aware of God's love for us, and we love them in the same ways we've been loved...

Our Father in heaven, thank you for loving me better than anyone on earth ever has. I want to love like You do. I need Your Spirit to love through me.

When people see us living like Jesus together we want them to notice the family resemblance. We want them to see Your love in us.

Your will be done down here the way it is in Heaven.

Thank you for giving us three square meals every day. We’ll feed the hungry.

Thank you for giving us bodies that work. We’ll heal the sick.

Thank you for teaching us about You. We’ll pass on what we know.

Thank you for listening to us always. We’ll listen to those around us.

Thank you for being kind to us when we had nothing to give you in return. We’ll be kind when it doesn’t benefit us.

Thank you for forgiving us when we were Your enemies. We’ll forgive our enemies and not just the people we like.

Thank you for not bringing up our past mistakes again and again. We’ll let go of other people’s mistakes.

Thank you for giving up creature comforts, wealth and popularity for us. We give up all this for others.

Thank you for loving us so we can love like You do.



Blogger Kathryn said...

wow. . that's so well worded. . thank you for posting it.

Anonymous Jamie said...

Man that's a difficult prayer to pray. I have a thing about not saying things to God I don't really mean. I love that prayer but I'm not sure I could ever really pray it!

Anonymous Ichthus-on-my-foot said...

What do you believe about "charasmatic" practices? In the prayer posted here, the one line reads "Thank You for giving us bodies that work. We'll heal the sick." Do you believe that Christians are capable of healing the sick "in Jesus' name"?

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

It happens, no doubt. But we can also heal the sick by feeding them, getting them the medicines and nutrition they need. Etc.


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