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Last night was our second trip to the emergency room with a child. The first trip was less than a year ago when Gresham pole-vaulted from an ottoman over the couch and into a lamp and table, poking a jagged hole through his eyelid. Gnarly.

Last night Penelope, a one year old novice walker with a mouth full of teeth, fell and bit a hole through her tongue.

Well, it turned out that it wasn't through but pretty stinkin' close. She definitely had a gash on the top of her tongue but what we thought was an exit wound beneath was only a very dark bruise. After more than three hours at the emergency room entertaining her with blown up hospital gloves, Kleenex boxes that magically never run out tissue, and a TV playing Univision "comedy", I was given the choice of a stitch or "wait and see" how well it heals in the next few days. I couldn't take putting her through stitches on her tongue (!!) so we're waiting. We're eating popsicles and waiting.

Waiting for that bill too. Ouch.


Anonymous maxwedge said...

I've always said, "You've not had a proper childhood unless you've been rushed to the emergency room with your loving mother applying direct pressure". As long as it's not in the back of an ambulance! (been there several times and didn't care for it much!). When we were little we were probably more adventurous than most and had stitches and broken bones, et al. Helmets on a bike or skateboard? Puhleeze.... I didn't want them Woods boys making fun of me, so I passed on that and suffered many a split wig! It's a wonder my brother, my cousins and myself survived into adulthood (stupid stuff abounded there too, that's when the ambulances came into play). Anyway, we'll certainly pray for her quick recovery.

Blogger Davidge said...

It's amazing the stupid things I've done and never had a broken bone or a stitch put in me...
I Will Pray your kids have a limited experience with them. :)

Blogger Cristy said...

OUCH! I can't imagine how that feels, poor baby. My 16-year-old bit his tongue pretty badly a couple months ago when he got hit in the mouth while playing basketball and I thought we might end up in the ER. Since Penelope probably won't be able to tell you this, I thought you might like to know it made his throat very sore, too.

Blogger Kat said...

We'll be praying for her to heal quickly and as painlessly as possible.

About a year ago we had to rush our little girl to the ER when she had a anaphylactic reaction to fire ant bites. She blew up like a balloon. It was pretty terrifying.

There's not much worse than rushing your child to the ER.

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Been to the ER many, many times with my 4 kids over the years. I finally became an EMT and now do most things that the ER would do at home. It saves a lot of time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow that'd hurt. That really takes the cake on the phrase "biting your tongue"! Here's hoping she heals perfectly. And also that the bill won't be too high for ya'll's sake.

Blogger Beth said...

OOoo ooo!!!! Been there, done that!!! I was 2 1/2, riding in grandpa's boat - went over a wave and wack - teeth through tongue. Went to the dr, they said it would heal up, it didn't, went back in and got stiches (a HUGE ordeal I won't retell here) but I did survive and have had the fun of pointing out the scar on my tongue when you play the "who has the best scar" game.

Blogger Ashley said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better my son did the same thing about a year ago and it turned out ok. He still has a scar across the middle of his tongue. It was really gross and frightening when he first did it. Just keep giving her the soft and cold stuff.

Ashley Whitman


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