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I've been attacked by a cold...or a ninja posing as a cold. I'm not sure. Anyway, while I recuperate watch this, because knowing is half the battle.


Blogger Kat said...

Sorry about the cold Shaun. Summer colds are NOT fun.

Anonymous pete said...

Yo Joe!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've noticed that you seem to get colds A LOT during the summer months. Really last summer you got a cold. The summer before last summer..you had a cold before that I'm sure you had yet another cold during the summer months. Maybe you're just allergic to July?

Anonymous maxwedge said...

No one is going to believe me, but I'll tell it anyway. My little brother studies Ninpo. He is in the (I believe) Genbukan and studies Goshinjutsu. Yup... he's a Ninja, but hates being called one.... I make fun of him and say he's "the world's fattest Ninja". He's been to Japan to train and is going to return later this year. I'll ask him if he was involved in this incident and put some kind of Shao-Lin touch of death on anyone in Tennesee...... It's really pretty interesting, he's got a sword that's about 200 years old. He earned it somehow (punched someone in the heart and extracted it from their chest while it was still beating? naaah).

He said when in Japan, the Japanese think they are dorks. He said picture a Japanese guy on a bus in Houston wearing chaps and a pair of Colt .45's on his hips... That's how the Japanese view at them when he goes there. He'll always be a dork to me regardless because I'm his older brother!


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