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You may notice that thermometer over on the left has stalled out. Hasn't moved in days. I'm taking pre-orders on the road for the live CD in hopes of adding those pre-payers' cash to the thermometer's total. Maybe we'll reach the goal that way.

Until the goal is met I'm not booking the venue for the live CD or securing the engineer, piano, sound equipment etc etc etc. I don't want to make all the plans for recording a live disc and not be able to pay folks on the day they show up to work. I know the music business is a work now get paid some day industry but I'd like to pay as I go.

So, for those of you who've e-mailed or asked when the disc is being recorded and where, that's the best answer I've got for now. It won't happen until the thermometer is all blue. And it will happen, it just may take longer than previously hoped for.

The good news the wait is buying me time to write new music for the disc and rework some old songs that never made it on previous projects of mine. Yes, that Texas song is getting some attention from me finally.


Blogger Seth Ward said...

Dangling the Texas song.

Evil. Pure Evil.

Blogger robyn elise said...

that texas song had BETTER get on the disc.

and just know that as soon as the graduation cash starts rolling in, i'll contribute. i'm just waiting to have that little bit of extra cash so that i can and not make myself starve.

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Keep your graduation cash. That's just wrong to give a graduation gift away. I'm starting to feel like Tilton here. That's too much. Keep it or no Texas song.

Anonymous ichthusonmyfoot said...

This Friday, sometime before 1pm, EST, you'll receive my donation. I promise. <><

Blogger robyn elise said...

so what you're saying, shaun, is that if i give you even a penny that could possibly be from graduation $$, you won't put the texas song on the CD? that's just wrong. wrong, i say!

Blogger GrovesFan said...


How could you verify that the actual money that Robyn donates is in fact "graduation" money?


Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

lol good point beth. I gaveth my money and it was not graduation money! You must put the Texas song on your next album!! That or more beggin and heckling will come to you soon. Muahaha.


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