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So a friend of mine in NYC e-mailed asking me to come speak at his church. He didn't tell me what day of the week they meet, and being one of those new-fangled churches run by a youngin' with a mohawk and few piercings, well, Sunday wasn't a given. So I went to his church's site looking for a meeting time and poked around until I hit the link to their myspace page. And this beautiful song started playing. I was in love.

I clicked on the music player and was whisked away to The UNIBAUMER's myspace page where I found little info about him/them but hopped a link to his/their blog from there where I fell in love once again - this time with his design skills, affection for all things Apple and his wordsmithery. (It's a word, I swear.)

All that in 15 seconds. Nashville to NYC. My couch to The Unibaumer via...the church?

Still like to know how I can get my hands on a disc. Jon? Hook-up? Speaking fee?


Blogger The Cachinnator said...

Whew, that music is pretty sweet. Give the info when you get it.

Anonymous kory matthews, aka "the unibaumer" said...

ha! hey shaun...

a buddy of mine sent me a link to your post tonight...thanks so much man!!! wow, kind words (;

unfortunately, i hate to break it to you, but the unibaumer is just my online "persona" of sorts. i'm actually
just a dude that lives in NYC that loves music, technology, design and everything else of that ilk (and has a weird facination with wes anderson & richie tenenbaum, aka, the baumer)...

it's funny, though, that you checked out my blog cause i actually haven't updated that thing in like 3 or 4 months. i lost my password and i can't retreive it cause its set up under an old email address. guess i need to get on that.

oh, and the music on my unibaumer myspace page (which is basically just there for me to post music and list upcoming shows in nyc) is just from different bands i'm into. i update it like once every couple weeks, but i'd be more than happy to send you a couple mix cds if you'd like (;

anyways, glad you like the music and the design. you definitely need to come check out/speak/play at origins, though man...we're great people and totally appreciate and love good art & music!

thanks again for the kind words, bro (;

talk soon,

oh, and feel free to check these out if you want...
my myspace
my portfolio

...and if you'd like, you can hit me up on email at either koryw@complex.com or kory@theunibaumer.com


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