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SUMMER SKIN (Death Cab For Cutie)

Squeaky swings and tall grass
The longest shadows ever cast
The water's warm and children swim
And we frolicked about in our summer skin

I don't recall a single care
Just greenery and humid air
Then Labor day came and went
And we shed what was left of our summer skin

On the night you left I came over
And we peeled the freckles from our shoulders
Our brand new coats so flushed and pink
And I knew your heart I couldn't win
Cause the season's change was a conduit
And we'd left our love in our summer skin

Death Cab For Cutie - Plans (Bonus Video Version)


Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

I got my first taste of Death Cab like a week ago. Didn't really listen to it much since I was stuck in my sisters bathroom scrubbing rust stains off the bathtub and inhailing DOW products. But from what I heard it was pretty good stuff.

Blogger nate said...

good tune

Blogger Nathan said...

great video and good song

Anonymous andrew said...

It's a beautiful song, one of my favorites off Plans, and the video just gives it a whole new meaning. "One more hour you'll never get back" - it just resonates. That can't be because I'm posting this from work now, can it? :)

My favorite of all the "Directions" videos, though, is "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" - no real concept, just a bunch of images that look the way the song has always sounded to me.


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