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WARNING: I don't have cable so I'm easily entertained by moving pictures accompanied by sound, therefore these may only be worth watching to me...and a few of the Amish.

Here are a couple free videos I've been saving up for a blogworthyless Monday like this. Enjoy.

Star Trek Monty Python Mash-up:

God on Myspace:

(I personally think God would play a gold top Les Paul but at least they got his computer of choice right.)


Anonymous ann said...

love it. I'd link to Him. I think he'd use gmail, though, don't you?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooooh God's running MS Windows XP on his iBook! What a geek!

Blogger Shane S. said...

Haha I have the same computer as God!

And it looked like Satan was using a Dell...hmm...

Blogger pianoman said...

uh, i'm not quite sure what the point of this is...

are we making fun of God?
the song?
all three?

i don't see how this can be any good, no matter how you look at it...

humor is one thing, mocking God is another

Blogger jag said...

I love it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


i think you have missed the (entertainment) point of this.

That in no way is making fun of God. (unless of corse, you are offended, and think that God does have a personal My Space account)

The (way too involved, way over dramatizing, way too thought through) idea behind that video, in my opion was to show how dumb it would be if God was to have a My Space account. Thats all. I think it's dumb for anyone to have a My Space account. It's making fun of My Space, and those that utilize it to tell the world about the day they got a new puppy.

Can I be your friend?

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

I just bought - that's right, PAID MONEY - for a program that adds "friends" to my myspace profile automatically every day. Yea, myspace is fraudulent "community" and is really just a marketer's playground. I think myspace is being mocked here, not God. That's the intelligent nice stuff I have to say in response to pianoman. The other stuff is best kept between me and a therapist.

Relax. Go play the piano, man.

Blogger Jeffrey J. Stables said...

I knew it wasn't a coincidence that "Dell" rhymes with "Hell"! That hardware (and the tech support that goes with it) is from the bad place.

Blogger Kev said...

Wow, those two videos were really, really funny...

(Yeah, it's me again, your blast from the past from your TJC days, promising not to lose touch yet a second time. Glad to see that things seem to be going well for you, and I hope I catch you on your next Dallas appearance.)


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