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Brian's on the verge of getting his dream job I think. No, his dream job is not booking me, traveling with me and baby-sitting me. Go figure. His dream job will unite the things he's better than most people at (talents) and the things he cares about most (passions). And he could get paid for that!

Seeing Brian's dream appear on the horizon like this has made me wonder what mine is. It's not traveling the country making music. I love that, and I'm thankful for and more than content with that, but it's not the best I can imagine. But what is?

I like to repackage old ideas with new metaphors and applications. I'm not bright enough to reinvent the wheel but I have miraculous moments when I'm able somehow to make a wheel that people pay attention to. It's rare but I can't help smiling when it happens.

I have flashes of dreaminess when I speak to crowds or small gatherings of Christians about what it means to be a Christian. I love teaching. I'm not the best at it but I enjoy it more than making music these days. But not just relaying facts, but finding ways to provoke and inspire. It's hard work for me, takes hours of preparation and even then I'm rarely satisfied with the results, but in spite of the dissatisfaction teaching's still my favorite thing to do - besides eat TexMex of course.

I get excited when I write articles for magazines like Worship Leader or CRW or Campus Life. Again, I think that has to do with teaching and the interaction that happens afterwards through the blog and mail.

Speaking of interaction, I wish I could just spend every day talking to people about ideas and life in general. I love poker night when I just chill with friends and talk and listen and laugh (and win their money). The hang time after concerts is my favorite part of most weekends. I like discovering people.

I love big picture theorizing and strategizing - taking a problem and working with a team to brainstorm solutions. Some of the most satisfying moments in my life have been the collisions of lots of people's ideas to make one great idea better than the individuals'. To walk away from a meeting with a better way, with a new way, with a plan - as dorky as it sounds - does it for me. I want to make things better or make things possible that were thought impossible - and I want to do that with a team.

I get excited when I think about joining people in need - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual - with people who can meet that need. Finding a benevolent doctor for a sick person who can't pay. Guiding concert goers to a Compassion International table to save a kid's life. Answering questions an agnostic has about faith. Helping someone in Uganda or a crisis pregnancy center in Houston find financial support. I like connecting people to what they need - especially when getting what they need will help other people get their needs met.

The only thing I don't like about traveling is being away from my family. Traveling in moderation - six to eight days a month - keeps my family healthy and my addiction to seeing new places satisfied. But I have to travel for a good reason. I get pumped about traveling to a place I'm needed, to a place I need, to do something of value. I don't like vacationing as much as I enjoy flying to Ecuador or ElSalvador to learn and work. I want to get my hands dirty and not just talk about the world "out there" and how much help they need, and how much they have to teach me. I want to do it. I want to go. That's the kind of traveling I can into.

Does a job that incorporates all this even exist? Well, if you've got one to offer I'd leave music today (after fulfilling my promise of making a live CD of course) to take it.

What's your dream job?


Blogger Amy said...

What is my dream job is the question of my life.
It would involve living overseas, teaching English in an environment where I would be able to make some decisions about what methodology to use, build relationships with the people I work with, work with a church to offer English themed activities, and still have enough time to write. I think.
Your dream job sounds a little bit like being a missionary. Or working to bring those on the field together with those at home. Writing, teaching, would all be parts of that, I would think.

Blogger Brody Harper said...

I wish I knew what my dream job was. It would have to be constantly changing locational and what the job consisted of.

Oh yeah, and I also want to change the world. I want to revolutionize things. I want to create. I want to write the saddest and happiest music in the world, all the while pulling people closer to God.

-good luck brian ... it's in the bag... (hopefully)

Anonymous Linn said...

Hey, Shaun. Let's not talk about my dream job...I'm living it. Let's get back to YOU. Seems you have a really good grasp on your passions/gifts yadayada...and what excites you. So connect the dots and make your own job. (Amy is right...sounds a lot like missionary work.) Actually, surprise of all surprises...you ARE doing that. What's wrong with that? If you can just connect all those talents with an end result which is one life saved/improved/enriched/encouraged/JAZZED then you've got it. Isn't that what reflecting His glory is? I think that's what you signed up for, right? (and by saved I mean physically...with food and water...in addition to spiritually.) Sorry you asked?

Blogger The Cachinnator said...

I want to be a philanthropist. All I lack is... what's the word... oh, yeah: money.

Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

My dream job? Oh gosh I don't know. I would love to be a professional author. I'd also love to be a youth minister. A little bit of me would love to be a tour guide in cities like Rome or DC or some type of expiditionist in the Amazon. I'd love to be a photographer to places like the Maya cities, Aztec ruins, ruins in Greece, Italy, Israel, Egypt. So there's a lot I would LOVE to do. What I'm stuck with...teaching history to high school students or at least that's where I'm headed. If it makes mom happy do it.

Blogger travis jenkins said...

mine would definitely be traveling aa much as i could doing music while working full-time at a church as a student minister of some kind. writing songs and letting other people play them would be perfect too. also writing articles in magazines and stuff would be just fun to do on the side.

Blogger Brody Harper said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Jules said...

MAF--Mission Aviation Fellowship
I know you can fly into the same jungles that Nate Saint did and take your family.

Anonymous hollybird said...

I actually am in my dream job. I am a psychiatric nurse in a child and adolescent outpatient clinic. I love the chance to minister to the families and make a difference for Christ in the lives of some people that are often unnoticed and mistreated in this world. I do that part time. I am first and foremost a mom and a wife. I am able to make a difference in the lives of my two guys too! God is good! I am blessed...

Blogger bdg.theTRu said...

little late in this reply, but i think i'm in a similar boat as you...

ideally, i'd be teaching, writing, and still be primarily focused on my family... (but not working for FOcus on the Family)...

i have vague ideas about it, but it's nothing concrete...

peace... love... bdg...

Anonymous Laura said...

I am living my dream job. It all started when I stepped out in faith and went to Banda Aceh, Indonesia with the People's Church after the tsunami. I now teach literature and Latin in Indonesia, mentor my students, travel over Asia meeting amazing people sold out for the Lord. I never knew this was my dream until I started living it. I realized that God had combined everything I love and am passionate about into one amazing job. Isn't HE cool? He can do the same for you, I know it.

Anonymous Amb said...

I haven't posted on here in forever...

My dream job? I'm working on it right now. I want to be a Trauma Physician (aka: ER doc)in some hospital in LA. The ER is my happy place, & that's where my 'dream job' is.


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