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The Albuquerque, New Mexico airport has FREE wireless internet access. Sweet! (I think Fort Lauderdale is the only other place I've found this.) And the Wi-Fi here is much faster than the service at Glorieta, where I've been all weekend...and with no filters keeping me from being able to post to my own blog.

We're waiting to board our flights home, still laboring on Labor Day.

The singles conference was better than expected. Honestly, I was scared about teaching such a diverse multi-generational group. The room was packed each day with about 350 single adults ages 19 to 90. No joke. But everything worked out more than alright. I've never been hugged so much or laughed with so much by a group of strangers.

Thanks to everyone at the conference.

Audio will be podcast..podcasted...um, will be on-line soon - in the next couple weeks.

Happy Labor Day.


Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

Yeah happy labor day to everyone but me. I've still got school today! Grrr.

Blogger stephen said...

For future reference, Charlotte (CLT), Pittsburgh (PIT) and Kansas City (MCI) also offer free wifi. But if you're in CLT, ya gotta stay close to the food court (the rocking chairs are good).

Blogger benstewart said...

Sounds like a good time. Can't wait to hear the audio.

Also... add Asheville, NC, to your list of free WiFi airports.

Blogger rndtrp42 said...

I just attended the Glorieta Singles Conference and I can not say enough about how much the whole weekend meant. Shaun you are definitely Blessed in all aspects, your words and messages were very powerful while entertaining. You were the biggest surprise of the whole weekend for me. I'm the one who gave you the bookmark. May God continue to bless you.


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