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If you haven't heard I'm recording a live CD in Knoxville, Tn on October 13th at NEW CITY CAFE (Thanks to the many generous donations of SHLOG readers.)

Tickets purchased through NEW CITY CAFE's web site or at the door will set you back $10. BUT, we've worked out a sweet deal for you...

If you'd like to purchase your ticket in advance you can do so starting today - and it will only cost you $5! Cheaper price and guaranteed seat. Can't beat that.

Here's how you get your advance tickets for $5:

  • STEP ONE: E-mail Brian at thehummingbirdagency@charter.net.

  • STEP TWO: Include your name, the number of tickets you'd like, and which show you'd like to attend (6:30 or 9:30PM)

  • STEP THREE: Brian will send you a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to pay for your advance tickets easily and safely.

    Blogger Thomas said...

    Ugh!! I had already ordered my tickets. lol


    Blogger Mustard Packet Pelter said...

    Can we go to both concerts?
    *closes eyes clasp hands and prays "please say yes please say yes please say yes!"*

    Blogger Thomas said...

    Whoops! When I orderd my tickets last week, I bought ticktes for both concerts. Does this mean that I have to return one set of tickets that I bought? I hope not! I was looking forwards to two concerts.


    Blogger Shaun Groves said...

    You can do what you want but I'd prefer giving everyone who wants to a chance to attend the concert. It's such a small room I'm afraid we'd leave some people out if some people come to both shows. But, again, it's up to you really.

    Blogger travis jenkins said...

    hey shaun, i started a blog. www.travisisthinking.blogspot.com.
    this is travis jenkins, just so you know


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