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I was cool and talented once. I owned a graphic design company called Graffic Jam. Good name. Pretty good design. But now, I'm realizing, I'm out of practice and I don't know cool. I haven't seen cool in at least four years. And my design skills have gone from "pretty good" to "pretty sucky". "Pretty sucky" is just before "poke my eyes out it hurts" and just after "seen better" on the design quality chart used by most professionals and bundled with the latest versions of Photoshop and Illustrator for Mac OS.

Anyway, I "worked" for a couple hours in the car today trying to come up with something worth selling on the new website in the Peace Store section and this is all I got:



Clever? Maybe. Attractive? Eh. Amazing? Far from it. I'd rather have stuff like this or this or this. But I'm just not that good. Are you?

Like TLC, ain't 2 proud 2 beg. I'm begging you, my readers, for help once again. Do you design merch for cheap...like free? Remember, the whole idea behind the Peace Store is to maximize profits because the profits go entirely to help folks who need it. So design needs to be very cheap or pro bono. (That's French or something for no charge I'm pretty sure.)

Could you donate one design?

It doesn't have to have anything to do with peace (Though that would be cool.) It just has to be something people will buy. If you feel up to it just shoot me your donated design in any form along with any website or projects I can plug for you here (with a mention or a banner) and I'll do my best to scratch your back for scratching mine...and the backs of a lot of people in need.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous Stephen said...

Not bad. I really like the Pac-Man one.

Anonymous tunz4jesus said...

I have something in the works(in my brain) right now, if it comes out cool, it's yours.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry. All my designs stay in my head. No good software or know-how.

And pro bono is actually Latin for "fan of U2."

Blogger GrovesFan said...

Check out the one Robyn did on the message boards. It's pretty good.


Blogger Loren said...


Blogger Mosh Jartin said...

Thanks for the great love man, we are really lucky to have Naive on your blog!

your the man! in the words of Jon Tyson!

Blogger Shaun Groves said...

Loren, I'm not concerned about size, format or resolution. Anyone who designs for a living would save their designs in standard formats, resolution etc. If not I can reformat it. (I know tat much at least.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want my Shlog shirt design? You can have it. I just threw that together for fun. If you say nope that's cool to. don't care :)

Blogger robyn elise said...

shaun...too bad my design (i think it's the one that beth is talking about) is specific to "white flag"...i can make a sort-of similar one if you like stick figures...

but i'm taking a graphics design course (well, this is assuming i get in the class when registration opens in t-minus 5 hours and 30 minutes) and will hopefully be able to learn more about how to do things well...and will supply you with some designs if/when i get the creative bug.

Blogger Esther said...

Hey, your idea for a Peace Store sounds cool! I've tried designing and I'm not that talented either. But if I get any inspiration, I'll give it a try.


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