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How do you build an eight page artist website for $622? Do it yourself.

Kat's donated her time and energy to creating all the code and hard stuff and purchasing the right guts for me and I've been working for, um, forever in the graphic end of things. I'm putting the finishing touches on the artwork this weekend. Soon, very soon, the new shaungroves.com will be launched and a new shlog.com along with it.

The two shall become one. Thanks for you donations that made all this possible.

Here's a sneak peak at the new shlog.com page - text has been dropped in as a guide for Kat only. You get the idea - in progress.

Stuff I like about the new shlog.com:

  • Recent comments get displayed at the top of the page, which should keep posts that fall off the main page alive along with the conversation.

  • Recent discussion on the message board pertaining to the blog will also be highlighted over on the far right side bar, also keeping the discussion going.

  • The blog roll won't be a mile long but will rotate a set number of names on and off. Every blog linking to me gets a turn in the roll without the roll taking up a ton of space.

  • You can search for posts based on date or category or search the blog for words or phrases.

  • Sure we'll keep a list of recent posts up top but you'll also be able to see what posts are most popular. Did you know that my Chuck Finney post from ages ago continues to be one of the most visited posts I've ever written...still? Of course not, but now you will, and new visitors will be able to catch up on the most popular moments in shlog history.

  • The first few hundred words of each post will be displayed, not the whole post, so you can skim the day's entries quickly and only choose to READ MORE of the posts that interest you.

    Anything else you'd like to see? It's not too late to make a few changes for you...but almost.

    Blogger Shaun Groves said...

    Forgot Kat's favorite, her reason for donating her time to all this:

    RSS feeds for comments (I thought I was a geek?). Yea, for the comment obsessed, you'll now be able to subscribe to the feed for a particular post's comments. Didn't know there was a demand for this sort of thing but apparently there is, enough to motivate Kat to rebuild the entire site just to get it. No more checking in to see what's been said since you last commented. You just subscribe and the comments come to you.

    Did I describe that accurately kat?

    Blogger Lucas Parry said...

    Mate, it looks (and sounds) banging!!! I can't wait to see it.

    Anonymous euphrony said...

    I like the newspaper-style layout. (Just missing comic strips and the weather.) The highlighted points above are good changes. For the rotating blogroll you might want to include a link to techorati's who links here (if that is what you base it on) or a drop-down box with a full list; some people find other blogs from your exhaustive list on a regular basis, and if they disappear for a time it might lead to some confusion (not sure it that is clear or not).

    On the plus side, I now have a screen cap that lists me not once, not twice, but three times as a better blog than Shlog - I am unworthy of even a single such distinction, three times is something to write home about!

    Looking forward to the big launch.

    Blogger Tracy said...

    Cool new look for Shlog!

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nice. (but not in the sarcastic for "good one" sort of way)

    Anonymous pete said...

    Tha't pretty cool! Looking ofrward to the "reveal"!!!

    Blogger Kat said...

    Yes, that's pretty much it. People can subscribe via their RSS reader (bloglines, newsgator etc) and in one screen be able to view all their RSS feeds from their favorite blogs AND any comments from this blog that they are participating in. It's soooo much faster than loading dozens of different sites.

    The Geek,

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    EEEE!!!! SWEEET!! I lvoe the new Shlog already! 3 cheers for Kat and Shaun! YEYYYYY LOVE YA'LL!!

    Blogger Thomas said...

    First of all, great design for the Shlog part of the site.

    My question has to do with the Shaun Groves dot com site. I know that you said that there would be a message board, but will their current screen names and pass words work from the present Shaun Groves site. If not. Will you be contacting them before this happens, so they will be prepared for this. I was part of a message board, of a past Rocketown artist, who's site was allowed to expire and lost contact with some great people and I would be dissapointed if that happened again.


    Blogger Shaun Groves said...

    Good question Thomas.

    Contacting people: Well, I have no way of sending a message to all of our registered message board users, but I can post an announcement there as the change over day gets closer so all active boardies know what's up.

    Passwords etc: My assumption is we're starting all over. ALl old board posts will be gone and all users will have to re-up with a new screen name, password etc. I see no way around that. I don't own that old info (Rocketown Records does) for one thing. Kat, am I right about that? Starting over for everybody on the old board?

    Sorry. It's not ideal I know. For me either. I'm also hoping all the current Shlog posts get carried over successfully to the new site.


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